Our Exciting New Audio Service

Fri, 4 June 2021

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Our friendly boutique service will turn your manuscript into a high quality Audio-Book at an affordable price!

After a year of development 2RPH Audio Books has already produced several successful projects for delighted authors - the most recent of which has been accepted onto the sort-after Audible platform - see below.

We are the producers of your manuscript - not publishers - therefore you retain all rights (and royalties) for your book. For more info click here.
For News
Narrator Caroline George (pictured above) is currently working on Colleen Ashby’s I Can See Clearly Now - a memoir of surviving late onset blindness. Kylie Attwell’s Build a Life You Love series of self-help workbooks narrated by Alice Ansara (see cover below), has just won a distribution contract on the Audible platform.

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