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Radio 2RPH - for people who love to listen!

Our text-to-radio service features readings from all the top Australian and international daily newspapers, magazines and books. They are designed for anyone who lives with print disabilities, or lacks access to published material, or has limited time to read and stay informed.

Our mission is to entertain and empower our listeners. All our on-air programs, including book readings, are read and presented by our awesome team of 2RPH volunteers who come to the station from all walks of life.

Find us on 1224AM and 100.5FM, Newcastle and Lower Hunter on 100.5FM and on digital.

Radio 2RPH operates daily between 6.30am and 11.30pm with BBC World Service broadcast overnight.

Radio 2RPH is a proud member of the national RPH Network.

Our curated collection of 2RPH programs are now available on popular podcast platforms: Apple Podcasts, Podbean, Google Podcasts, Spotify and TuneIn.

2RPH Audio-Book Services

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We now provide an end-to-end Audio Book Service for self-published and small-publisher manuscripts. Our high quality product is accessible, affordable, and finished to the global standards of mainstream distributors such as Audible and other audio platforms.

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Promoting Respect

Promoting respect for the cultural, physical and neuro-diversity of our listening community is integral to the mission of Radio 2RPH.

"2RPH embraces the social model approach to disability i.e. which seeks to achieve full participation, equity, and fair treatment by changes to society, rather than through an individual, medical approach."

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"Radio 2RPH acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land on which our station is located, the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation, as well as the Traditional Owners of the lands across which we broadcast. We pay our respects to their Elders past and present, and to our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander listeners and volunteers."

We are here to improve your rich participation in our shared community. Explore our program! 

Interested in finance, food, travel, vintage cars, or the environment? Or perhaps you want to find your favourite arts or assistive technology program. We have added a search function to the program guide. You can now search by topic, genre or alphabetically. 

Our schedule runs on a 4 week cycle that includes fortnightly and monthly programs as well as repeats and daily shows. We post which week it is here

To access our curated podcast programs anytime search here or subscribe to one of our premium podcast partners.

It's a whole world of fascinating content at the tip of your fingers. Our dedicated team of presenters and readers come from all walks of life and offer their expertise with readings and interviews on a wide range of topics. Happy browsing!

COVID-19 Protocols and programming adjustments

The 2RPH Covid-19 Committee is dedicated to balancing the needs of the listener and the safety of all our staff and volunteers. We apologise for any disruption to your listening routine as a result of ongoing adaptations.

As long as restrictions remain in place, 2RPH will provide the following ‘live-to-air’ news programs:

  • Breakfast program.
  • Compilation program comprising Sydney Morning Herald/Daily Telegraph, The Australian, & Newcastle Herald.
  • Features Forum.

We know you rely on us. Please stay safe, reach out to family and friends, and remember we are here for you 7 days a week. Happy listening!

Latest news

The Future of Hybrid Cars

Wed, 15 September 2021

They say a mule is a horse designed by a committee, so what does that make the hybrid car, and how the heck do they work? Just ask Dick.

Hybrid cars1

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Tales From the Parish Pump

Wed, 15 September 2021

In Parish Pump this month presenter Natalie Shea canvases a wide range of news and events in the New and Old Testament space from the Judaic, to the Salvation Army, Lutheran, Uniting Church, Catholic and Anglican communities. With a special mention of Yom Kippur which begins tonight.

8194 YS 120907 02 2012 09 08 1024x570

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A new General Manager for 2RPH

Wed, 8 September 2021

Barry 3New General Manager Appointed to 2RPH

It is with great pleasure that the Board of 2RPH has announced the appointment of Barry Melville (above) to the role of General Manager of the station.

Mr Melville will begin working with our departing General Manager, Sancha Donald, from 13th September to ensure a smooth transition of responsibilities and communications. Ms Donald’s last day with the organisation will be September 30th.

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Latest podcasts

Antiques Radio Show Becomes a Podcast!

Wed, 8 September 2021

Our Antiques Radio Show program has joined the 2RPH stable of  global podcasts available through all the major platforms. And no-one is more delighted than presenter Jolyon Warwick James. In this episode he explores some very material oddities and curiosities, including a slew of “well past their use-by-date” comestibles. 

Screen Shot 2021 09 08 at 5.24.23 pm

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Radical Welcome

Wed, 11 August 2021

The concept that everyone should feel welcome has informed the creation of powerful art works throughout human history - this week in Activated Arts presenter Anthea Williams explores the work of innovative US theatre companies Mixed Blood and Phamaly interviewing a leading practitioner and a marketing specialist about the joys and surprises of radical hospitality in action.Mixed Blood Logo

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Women With Disability Take The Lead

Thu, 5 August 2021

Women living with disability are blowing the glass ceiling apart by sharing their stories. This month 2RPH begins a podcast series called We Can All Be Leaders with the Women With Disability Australia Youth Network, hosted by Jade Taylor. She shares her own journey from starting a new life in Brisbane with her husband James to getting off pain meds and out of her wheelchair.

WWDA Youth Network HR 1280px  received 3 Aug 21

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