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2RPH Signals

A 15-minute monthly program covering the latest 2RPH news. Expect to hear updates on the station, our volunteers, and insights into individual programs.

A stock photo of a group of vintage cars

30 Laps With Dick

Take the toll-free expressway to stories of interest around cars both old and new, as well as the people who built, designed, drove, raced and made them famous, and at some times, infamous.

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left hand on Braille keyboard, right hand on conventional keyboard


Readings and interviews – news about the latest assistive technologies for people with disabilities. This program is sponsored by MobilityMe.

Missed an episode? Head to the Podcasts page to catch up on all the Ablequest episodes.

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boatman in China, mountains in distance

Accent on Asia

Readings from the Asian press

A black and white logo with the words Activated Arts in big letters.

Activated Arts

Activated Arts is an in-depth multi-arts program. It’s entertaining and enlightening and provides provocative discussions about art, culture and disability. Join presenter Anthea Williams as she talks with artists and arts workers from right across the creative spectrum to explore relevant topics on art, culture and disability. Activated Arts is produced in partnership with Accessible Arts, NSW's peak arts and disability organisation.

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A groovy older lady with fabulous glasses

Ageing with Attitude

Attitude is everything. Why let ageing get you down when it can be one of the happiest and most meaningful times in your life? A time to flaunt your own style, know your friends from your acquaintances and value health as the real wealth. This program explores the joy that only comes with wisdom and the enduring treasures of body, mind and spirit.

girl with pony tail holds brightly coloured parrot

Animal Focus

Readings - suggestions for you and your pet.

A stock image of a dog on a leash


Animates focusses on people with disabilities who find owning or being close to an animal helpful for everyday life. Includes exclusive interviews and stories, presented by a team of volunteer presenters and producers.

Head to the Podcasts page to catch up on Animates episodes.

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A photo that displays an artistic portrait of a variety of antiques

Antiques Radio Show

The Antiques Radio Show is a monthly program about antiques and the decorative arts, presented by Jolyon Warwick James. It explores news, reviews, events objects and goings on in the world of things that are old, beautiful or both – whether valuable or not!

The Paston Treasure, unknown artist, Dutch School, c1663, oil on canvas, Norfolk Museums Service. Image copyright: John Hammond

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A stock image of the top of an orange coloured house

At Home

At Home is a 30-minute program on all things ‘home’. From apartment living to acreage, life onboard a boat to a bayside mansion, and everything else in between, this program showcases readings from a variety of sources focused on the place we each call home.

A logo of the Australian Police Journal

Australian Police Journal

Australian Police Journal (APJ) is a program based on articles from one of Australasia’s pre-eminent non-fiction publications about policing. The feature articles read in this 30-minute program showcase contemporary policing issues and the investigation of historical crime cases. 

the logo of the Australian Womans Weekly magazine

Australian Women's Weekly

Profiles of respected women, lifestyle articles, entertainment news and human interest stories - the Australian Women's Weekly has it all. Tune in to the program to catch a range of articles taken from the popular Australian magazine.

sleek blue passenger jet in flight

Aviation Digest

Readings from the world of aviation.

A white and red graphic with a globe to the bottom right.

BBC News Bulletin

The latest five-minute news bulletin from the BBC World Service, covering breaking global news.

logo BBC Worldwide

BBC World Service

BBC World Service is the world’s largest international broadcasting providing impartial news, reports and analysis.

baby's feet with hands

Birth and Death Notices

Stay up to date with entries and exits from this beautiful life. Readings from The Sydney Morning Herald

cartoon drawing of woman in bed reading book

Book at Bedtime

Episodic book readings

A stock image of a person holding a stack of books


The perfect program for book lovers! Bookshelf reads book reviews and news from popular newspapers and magazines.

juice, orange, muesli, banana


We've got everything you need to start each brand new day with enthusiasm! Join us for the daily newspaper headlines, columns, and arts and lifestyle sections from all the major newspapers. We even read the horoscopes. 

Monday breakfast includes the five-minute segment 'Older  Australians' and Wednesday breakfast includes the five-minute segment 'Disability news', sponsored by Brazier Mobility. 

A young girl lying on a book.

Children's Book

A 15-minute reading from a childrens' or young adult book.

logo Choice

Choice Magazine

Readings from the fortnightly publication of the same name

Christian Science Reading Room in Sydney

Christian Science Weekly Perspective

Sponsored program. Christian Science Weekly Perspective consists of articles published in The Christian Science Monitor explaining how people have overcome challenges by a clear sense of God’s love as taught and practised by Christ Jesus.

A photo of the christianity works logo


Sponsored program. If you yearn to live a life of meaning and purpose, joy and peace, then Christianityworks is for you: full of life-changing, practical Bible teaching. Visit for more information.

A stock image of an old computer


An informative program featuring articles on all things computers and technology.

A stock image of an old pen and paper

Considered Opinion

A selection of 'Letters to the Editor' from all the major metropolitan newspapers.

Australiana postage stamp


Readings – with a highly Australian bent

An image of the dr who magazine cover

Dr Who Magazine

Dr Who magazine is a magazine devoted to the long-running British science-fiction TV series. 

guy with lined face, big black glasses, frizzy hair - vintage pick up truck in background

Features Forum

Readings from the comment, opinion and features pages of The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, Financial Review and The Conversation.


Let us surprise you!


Readings – technology and innovation from an Australian perspective

red wine poured into glass, fine food in background

Food & Wine

Readings from a number of sources – news about the good life

girl smiling in flower dresses surrounded by flowers


Readings from Frankie - a beautifully designed modern arts and crafts magazine with interviews and thoughtful pieces about books, food and cultural trends for the 18–40 age bracket

red abstract sculpture in art gallery garden

Galleries & Gardens

Readings – news and views from the world of art and public gardens

old fashioned globe of earth, looking at Russia and China


Readings from Australian Geographic and other environmental magazines

family silhouetted against water

Get Together

Readings – a kaleidoscope of items

girl with shopping bag full of fruit and veg

Good Food

Reading selected articles from The Sydney Morning Herald

The Granta logo, with the tagline


Granta is a quarterly literary magazine published in book form four times a year. It is respected around the world for its mix of outstanding new fiction, poetry, reportage, memoir, photography and art. Selected readings are presented by Tomas Drevikovsky.

silhouettes of green people under blue sky

Green Advocate

Readings from various environmental magazines

logo The Griffith Review

Griffith Review

A popular program, the Griffith Review features articles from the Australian literary magazine of the same name. It has a variety of articles, including essays, memoirs, reportage, short fiction and poetry.

logo The Guardian with Australian colours

Guardian Australia

Readings – news, sport, comment, analysis and reviews from Guardian Australia

woman relaxed, massage, candles

Health and Wellbeing

Readings – from health related publications

overweight but healthy young woman with gym gear, head and shoulders

Health Matters

Readings from various newspaper and magazine articles related to health and well-being

cute cat wearing black gloves, sunglasses and headphones

Hear This

Readings from Vision Australia's library

magnifying glass of the H in history

History Today

Readings from History Today magazine – historic events, people and occasions revisited. “What Happened Then, Matters Now”.

logo hour of power

Hour of Power

Sponsored program. Hour of Power is a religious program from the US, hosted by Bobby Schuller, the grandson of founder and first host, Robert H. Schuller. The program explores how God and the Christian faith have changed people's lives for the better. Visit for more information.

A stock illustration of different coloured bodies standing together.

Inclusive Agenda

Join Vivian Schenker for Inclusive Agenda. The program offers a platform for decision-makers, researchers and innovators to discuss initiatives that affect people with a disability, the elderly and the marginalised. This 30-minute monthly program will provide interviews with key personnel as well as interesting and informative panel discussions airing differing views or complementary views on a key issue or policy.

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Insight for Living

Sponsored program. Insight For Living provides simple, clear and relevant Bible teachings and resources, to help you better understand who Jesus is and deepen your relationship with God.

orange flower with yellow centre

Insight for Living - Sunday


7-year old girl at edge of swimming pool, big grin

Junior Journal

Readings – all kinds of interesting stuff for the younger generation

abstract pattern in blues and greens


A kaleidoscopic look at stories and articles that reflect our multi-faceted world from sources including Spectrum, This England, The Oldie, Evergreen, Sydney Uni Alumni Magazine, the weekend papers and much more.

Leading the Way logo

Leading the Way

Sponsored program. Presented by Dr. Michael Youssef, Leading the Way explores today’s issues and provides Biblical solutions to the challenges Christians are facing today.

small footstep inside big footstep

Leading the Way - Sunday


green laser lights at girl band concert


Readings – Australia's classical music and arts magazine providing a comprehensive array of news, CD and live performance reviews, interviews, in-depth features and more.

A logo of the Little Fictions program

Little Fictions

Little Fictions is a half-hour storytelling program presented by Sydney actor, Ella Watson-Russell. The show features contemporary short stories by authors from across Australia and read by actors, recorded at live performances or in studio. 

Missed an episode? Head to the Podcasts page to catch up on all the Little Fictions episodes.

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planet earth as spherical water droplet on green leaf

Living Planet

Environmental news from Deutsche Welle, for a European glimpse

A stock image of an open book.

Lunchtime Book

One of our most popular segments, the Lunchtime Book Reading! Listen to contemporary fiction and non-fiction books on a range of topics. The best bit? If you miss the first broadcast at 1pm, you can catch a repeat at 6:30pm. 

A sunrise over a beautiful landscape

Meditative Moments

A program dedicated to living and making time for oneself, stress management, healing and loving relationships. Providing empowerment for the week ahead and relaxation to ready you for sleep.

A young man sitting down at a table, drinking a coffee and reading a magazine.

Men's Matters

Men's Matters is a fortnightly program that covers articles on health, fitness, lifestyle, leisure and mental and physical wellbeing from a male perspective. It is presented by Robert Snars.

A logo for Messages of Hope

Messages of Hope

Sponsored program. Listen to interviews and discussions offering real hope to cope with life’s challenges. For more information on the program, visit:

diagram of head with questions in it


Readings – smart thinking

A glass jar full of coins next to other stacks of coins

Money Magazine

Produced by Vision Australia Radio, Money Magazine features articles from Australia's longest-running and most-read personal finance magazine, Money. It's easy-to-understand financial news, advice, reviews and awards.

logo The Christian Science Monitor

Monitor World

Readings from the online edition of The Christian Science Monitor

A stock photo of a camera on top of a pile of books


Muse is a program focused on books, art and music.

grand piano against red wall, on right, keyboard seen from above

Music Room

A music program

The logo of National Radio News. It has a white background with a grey and green rainbow symbol.

National Radio News

National Radio News (NRN) serves regional and community stations across Australia by providing genuinely independent editorial that is comprehensive, accurate and current.

wind turbines at sea on the horizon

New Horizons

News from Blind Citizens Australia

logo New Idea

New Idea

Readings – selected articles from the magazine

logo New Scientist

New Scientist

Readings from New Scientist magazine

A man holding a book that is burning.

New Voices

New Voices is about the art of storytelling, featuring the work of new writers (most of whom are yet to be published); they provide listeners with writing tips, read a sample of their work, and are critiqued by a complete stranger. Tune in to New Voices to find your way back to why we all want to read and write stories to begin with - sharing experiences, making sense of the world, and creating worlds with words.

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A photo of a middle aged couple looking over a picturesque view

Optimal Life

News, advice and advocacy information for seniors from a variety of publications. Proudly sponsored by Seniors Rights Service.

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Parish Pump

Readings from the religious press

girl, side on, dressed as super hero, long cape

People in Profile

Readings from newspaper Profile – features the background behind the public image

2RPH logo

Pre-recorded programs

In lieu of live newspaper readings, we present a variety of archival programs.

A side profile of a business man


Readings of life stories of the famous, the infamous – and quiet achievers.

happy couple, on couch, look ahead, man clicks remote

Radio & TV Guide

Hear what's on the schedule for 2RPH today as well as a complete television guide.

stylus on vinyl record on turntable

Read A Record

Nostalgic interlude – music and narration

A stock photo of two cows staring at the camera.

Rural Livestock

Rural Livestock rounds-up the latest significant cattle, sheep and lamb prices. If you’re a buyer or seller of livestock, we have the numbers you need to know.

A stock image of wheat growing in a field.

Rural News

Rural News offers a daily wrap of what’s impacting Australia’s farming and regional communities.

close up woman picks up from doorstep newspaper with magazine inside

Saturday Newspaper Feature Magazines

Readings – magazine features

Science & Environment

Readings from Cosmos magazine

squirls of colour through the spectrum


Readings of selected articles from The Sydney Morning Herald weekend lift out

closeup blue and white players vying for soccer ball

Sporting Pages

Readings – selected articles from the sporting press

girl plays wild guitar, play logo on left

Stars & Radio & TV Guide

The stars (horoscopes) and the radio and TV guide

A stock image depicting a woman's eye close up

Talking Vision

Interviews and information from Vision Australia for people with a vision impairment.

Telling Tales


The Australian

Readings – front page, national, local and world, business and editorial

logo The Big Issue

The Big Issue

Readings from the fortnightly, independent magazine that is sold on the streets by homeless people

logo The Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph

Readings – front page, national, local, sport and editorials

logo The Economist

The Economist

Readings – background to global current affairs from The Economist magazine

logo Koori Mail with flag

The Koori Mail

A national newspaper 100% Aboriginal owned and self-funded, with news and stories focused on the issues that matter to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. 

A stock image of a tree in front of a sunset

The Lord's Challenge

Sponsored program. The Lord's Challenge is a program from the Laymen's Evangelical Fellowship International, which is a Christian organisation founded and headquartered in Chennai, India.

logo The Monthly

The Monthly

Readings – Australian politics, society and the arts

logo New Statesman

The New Statesman

Readings from Britain's current affairs and politics magazine

logo The New Yorker

The New Yorker

Readings – selected articles from The New Yorker magazine

logo Newcastle Herald

The Newcastle Herald

Readings – front page, national, local, sport and editorials

A stock image of financial data

The Savvy Investor

The Savvy Investor explores local and international money and finance news from a range of sources, including the Australian Financial Review, the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, as well as leading commentators.

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logo The Smithsonian yellow sun on blue circle

The Smithsonian

Readings from the official journal published by the Smithsonian Institution

logo The Spectator

The Spectator

Readings from the weekly British magazine

A stock image of black and white newspapers

The Sunday Papers

A compilation of articles from The Sun Herald and The Sunday Telegraph.

logo The Sydney Morning Herald

The Sydney Morning Herald

Readings – front page, national, local and world, business and editorial

logo The Weekend Australian

The Weekend Australian

Readings live from the newspaper

logo Time Magazine

Time Magazine

Readings from both the hard copy and online versions of Time Magazine

Buddhist temples against blue sky

Travel Time

Learn all about the world through the comfort of your own home with Travel Time. The program features articles on national and international travel destinations, as well as different ways of travelling.

A stock photo of an archaeological site.


Unearthed is a program with a compilation of readings about archaeology.

An image of two people who present the program

Vantage Point

A look at life from the vantage point of The Holy Bible, examining spirituality in everyday life and personal experiences. Visit for more information.

cartoon bee with big grin gestures warmly

What's The Buzz?

30-minutes of community announcements and things to see and do in NSW to keep you buzzing

logo Woman's Day

Woman's Day

Featuring news, gossip and interviews about Australian and international celebrities, as well as some lifestyle and recipes.

teddy bear seen from behind on wooden deck looks into distance


Readings – historical items from The Daily Telegraph

Accessing Our Regional Programs

Over the next 12 months we'll be working to increase our regional content.  We have already expanded our transmission from Greater Sydney to include Newcastle and the Lower Hunter. 

In 2022 we will also broadcast to Wollongong and the Illawarra. 

To search for regional programs simply type the location into the Program Search window on the left - eg Newcastle - and all the relevant readings and programs will be listed in the search.

Promoting Respect

Promoting respect for the cultural, physical and neuro-diversity of our listening community is integral to the mission of Radio 2RPH.

"2RPH embraces the social model approach to disability i.e. which seeks to achieve full participation, equity, and fair treatment by changes to society, rather than through an individual, medical approach.

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"Radio 2RPH acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land on which our station is located, the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation, as well as the Traditional Owners of the lands across which we broadcast. We pay our respects to their Elders past and present, and to our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander listeners and volunteers."