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Partner: IDEAS Information Service

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2RPH partnered with Information on Disability & Education Awareness Services (IDEAS) to promote each organisation's services and events to people with a disability (PWD). IDEAS provides information and assistance to people who are aged; have a disability, or are disadvantaged. Many of their service users are potential listeners of 2RPH.

What our partners have said...

“2RPH is a great, local service that ensures older people and people with disability stay up to date with news and information that may benefit their day to day life.

The team at 2RPH are also incredibly helpful and professional, and always work to ensure their listeners get the most out of any segment they may listen to. For the Ageing and Disability Commission, 2RPH are a valuable ally in promoting the rights of older people and adults with disability to live free from abuse across NSW.”

- Renee Kastanias, Communications Manager at the Ageing and Disability Commission

“We are proud to be a sponsor of 2RPH’s Optimal Life program. Because 2RPH reaches across greater Sydney on AM, FM and digital we know that we are getting the message about our services to many senior people. We also appreciate the pro-active approach 2RPH takes to help us promote our services, using their online and social media channels. We look forward to continuing and strengthening this relationship.”

- Jane Schneider, Communications and Media Manager at Seniors Rights Service