About 2RPH

2RPH is a special purpose radio station, funded partly by government grants, memberships, fundraising, sponsored messages and corporate support.

2RPH provides a radio reading service for people who cannot read independently, handle or understand printed material. Our audience also includes listeners who for many other reasons find it difficult to access or interpret text based journalism and information.

Annual Reports

    Our Strategic Focus

    Our Purpose

    We remove the barrier to richer participation in the community.

    Our Mission

    To provide a service that gives access to published material and curated content that informs, educates, enables, and entertains.

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    Our Listeners

    Our listeners include people with low vision or people who often can't hold a newspaper because of physical disabilities caused by strokes, arthritis, cerebral palsy, etc. The service aims to provide access to published material from the daily newspapers, national and international magazines, as well as book readings.

    Listeners also include people from a non-English speaking background.

    Additionally, people listen to 2RPH while they are driving, working at home or in an office, simply because they enjoy the programming. Some hospitals and nursing homes broadcast 2RPH through their 'in-house' systems.

    Our Impact

    In developing programs we seek partnerships and collaboration with other organisations that exist to promote inclusion and participation in the community. 

    We do this by: 

    • Providing information that assists those living with disability; those managing their mental health or who are older and unable to access appropriate support and services.
    • Driving an understanding of the issues facing those with disability and the challenges of living with physical disability, mental illness, or ageing.
    • Reducing isolation: our broadcasts help people feel involved in the community by becoming aware of events, information and opportunities, and to help reduce a sense of isolation.
    • Entertaining and enriching our listeners with programs to help foster enjoyment and involvement in public issues and discourse.

    Broadcasting Around The Clock

    The station is on air 24 hours each day and volunteers prepare, produce and present all the programs. Items from the day's newspapers are read live by volunteers.

    And Around Australia...

    2RPH is part of the RPH Network, of which there are a total of seven stations: Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart. We are also associated with the Radio Reading Service of New Zealand.

    Radio for the Print Handicapped of NSW has been broadcasting in Sydney since April 1983 and from the Glebe studios since May 2000.

    Yes, we read articles from the daily newspapers and magazines

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    You listen when you like to the news from major Australian and local papers.

    Selected for you...

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    Our volunteers read a vast amount of material and select informative and fun content they think you'll want to hear.

    Listen and Look to Discover More


    Download our Station Summary PDF.

    We've created two audio programs to give you more insights into 2RPH. To listen, click on the links below:

    Promoting Respect

    Promoting respect for the cultural, physical and neuro-diversity of our listening community is integral to the mission of Radio 2RPH.

    "2RPH embraces the social model approach to disability i.e. which seeks to achieve full participation, equity, and fair treatment by changes to society, rather than through an individual, medical approach."

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    "Radio 2RPH acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land on which our station is located, the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation, as well as the Traditional Owners of the lands across which we broadcast. We pay our respects to their Elders past and present, and to our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander listeners and volunteers."