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Activated Arts is an in-depth multi-arts program. It’s entertaining and enlightening and provides provocative discussions about art, culture and disability. Join presenter Anthea Williams as she talks with artists and arts workers from right across the creative spectrum to explore relevant topics on art, culture and disability. Activated Arts is produced in partnership with Accessible Arts, NSW's peak arts and disability organisation.

Activated Arts is recorded every four weeks and broadcast fortnightly on 2RPH at 2.30pm (ADST) Friday - 1224AM, 100.5FM, digital DAB+ and streaming, This program is recorded every four weeks and broadcast fortnightly on 2RPH.

Episode #3: Embracing disability 

Anthea talks with Asphyxia, writer of the remarkable novel Future Girl, and Sarah-Vyne Vassallo, choreographer, director and Artistic Director of Integrated Performance Company Murmuration. They discuss how their work and practice changed when they embraced Auslan or living with disability. Following the interviews, Anthea and Liz discuss the brilliant films that cast people with disability at the moment in the What's On section. Download the transcript here: Activated Arts Embracing Disability Transcript

Asphyxia is a writer, visual artist, circus performer and musician. Visit:

Sarah-Vyne Vassallo is a choreographer, director, performer and consultant. Visit:

Original broadcast date: Friday 4 December

Episode #2: Writing the Self

Anthea talks with writers Fiona Wright and Anna Jacobson about their work and how their writing has helped them and those around them understand complex disability. Fiona is a poet and essayist ( while Anna Jacobson is a polymath - a writer, visual and video artist (

In What's On, Anthea and Liz discuss Deluge and Ingress. Deluge is an online collaboration between artists from Australia, Hong Kong and the UK and Ingress is Jeremy Hawkes solo exhibition at the Lismore Regional Gallery, November 28 to January 10, 2021. Download the transcript here: Activated Arts Transcript Episode 2

Original broadcast date: Friday 6 November 2020

Show links:

Episode #1: Pandemic

Anthea talks with Anna Barnes and Esther Hannaford, Lead-Writer and Actor from ABC series Retrograde, and Allison Reynolds, Paul Calcott and Jeffery Wood Visual Artists working on the radically accessible 2020 Exhibition about creating arts and entertainment in reaction to the pandemic. Download the transcript here: Activated Arts Transcript Episode 1.

Original broadcast date: Friday 9 October

Show links:

Presenter profile: Anthea Williams

A young white woman on a black background.

New 2RPH voice Anthea Williams has already made an impact with arts and disability program, Activated Arts. Here she shares a little about the new program.

"I direct theatre and film as well as develop new plays and screen works. But over the last few years I’ve got increasingly vocal about the importance of disability representation, and issues that arise from the limited narratives people with disability are given.

"With this in mind when Sancha at 2RPH and the Accessible Arts team got together to discuss this program they thought I’d be a good host and decided to approach me.

"Each program looks at a specific topic, bringing in guests to unpack that topic in creative and surprising ways, while discussing their work and arts practices.

"I’ve met with many truly exceptional artists and discussed their work. It’s also been brilliant to look at artforms I don’t work in personally."

Activated Arts is broadcast on 2RPH every second Friday at 2.30pm (ADST) - 1224AM, 100.5FM, digital DAB+ and streaming,