Newspapers on demand

Listen now to readings of the news from The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian and The Daily Telegraph newspapers.

The Sydney Morning Herald 

Listen to today's newspaper now.

The Sydney Morning Herald is read live-to-air at 9:00am Monday to Friday, and 9:45am on Saturday.

The Australian

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The Australian is read live-to-air at 11:30am Monday to Friday, and 12:15pm for the weekend edition on Saturday.

The Daily Telegraph

Listen to today's newspaper now.

The Daily Telegraph is read live-to-air at 10:00am Monday to Friday, at 11:00am on Saturday and 1:30pm on Sunday.

364 days a year

A pile of newspapers lined up together

2RPH volunteers read out the major NSW newspapers, as well as The Newcastle Herald, 364 days per year. The only day without a newspaper reading is Christmas Day!