Ablequest is a series of 15 minute programs which examines developments in assistive technology and initiatives for those people living with a wide range of disabilities. 

David Woodbridge Part 1

David Woodbridge, technological guru for the blind and visually impaired, talks about a day in the Woodbridge household.

Original Broadcast Date 6.7.2018

Interview with Mrs Hurley

Mrs Linda Hurley, wife of the Governor of NSW, is today's special guest on Ablequest. She talks about the benefits of singing and how everyone should sing, not just those with talent.

Original Broadcast Date 8.06.2018

Heath Dickens - DSA

Heath Dickens, Operations Manager at Disability Services Australia talks about the employment, training and support they offer people with a disability.

Original Broadcast Date 25.05.2018

Dance for PD

Paris Wages, who teaches a specialist program 'Dance for Parkinsons Disease', talks about the positive benefits that dance brings to people with Parkinsons.

Original Broadcast Date 11.05.2018

David Kinnane - LSVT LOUD

Sydney speech pathologist, David Kinnane, discusses the LSVT LOUD program developed for people with Parkinsons Disease.

Original Broadcast Date 27.4.2018

Music and Memory

Dr Maggie Haertsch discusses the amazing health benefits that music brings to people with dementia and other mental and neurological conditions.

Original Broadcast Date 13.04.2018

Prof Gerard Goggin - LWP Conference

Professor Gerard Goggin from the University of Sydney discusses building digital citizenship.

Original Broadcast Date 30.03.2018

Assistive Technology Aust with Robyn Chapman

Robyn Chapman, CEO of Assistive Technology Australia, returns with an update on the vast information and product display service offered by the organisation.

Original Broadcast Date 16.03.2018

Peter Ford - NeuroNode Part 2

Part 2 of the interview with Peter Ford, discussing NeuroNode, the assistive technology he invented which helps seriously disabled people communicate.

Original Broadcast Date 2.03.2018

Peter Ford - NeuroNode

Peter Ford, Founder of Control Bionics, returns to discuss the latest version of his groundbreaking communications technology, now called NeuroNode.

Original Broadcast Date 16/02/2018

Across Australia - John Hebblewhite

John Hebblewhite from Freedom Across Australia discusses exciting travel opportunities for people with disabilities.

Original Broadcast Date 2/2/2018

Assistive Technology Australia Part 2 (updated): Robyn Chapman

Assistive Technology Australia (formerly The Independent Living Centre) is an information and advisory service about assistive technology.

In this updated episode (the original version was broadcast on 20 March 2015) Robyn Chapman, CEO, literally walks us through the Centre, which includes a purpose-built apartment, to give us a picture of the amazing range of products available.

Original Broadcast Date 19/1/2018

Assistive Technology Australia Part 1 (updated): Robyn Chapman

Robyn Chapman is the CEO of Assistive Technology Australia, an information and advisory service about assistive technology that was formerly known as The Independent Living Centre. She discusses the new facility in Blacktown, which is a mecca for anyone in need of assistive devices and technology to help them live independently.

This is an updated version of an Ablequest Episode first broadcast on 6 March 2015.

Original Broadcast Date 5/01/2018

The Primary Club - Jim Maxwell

Cricket commentator, Jim Maxwell, talks about The Primary Club, a club raises money for other charities to provide sporting facilities for people with disabilties.

Sydney Festival 2018

January sees Sydney city and Parramatta come alive with exciting events and performances. The organisers of the annual Sydney Festival work hard to ensure it is accessible to everyone.

Original Broadcast Date 8.12.2017


Michael Said, immediate past District Director (District 90) for Toastmasters, speaks about the organisation and its inclusive community approach.

Original Broadcast Date 24.11.2017

Project Magic

Dr Adrian Sheen, a family doctor in Western Sydney and lecturer at Sydney University, talks about how Project Magic helps patients in hospital recover both physically and psychologically.

Original Broadcast Date 10.11.2017

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