With your support, we can continue to create a strong future for Radio 2RPH.

Annual membership to the station is $33 for general membership and $16.50 for concession holders.

Cooperatives are democratic organisations owned and controlled by their members. They are traditionally based on the values of self-help, responsibility, and equality.

Co-operatives differ from public companies because voting rights are based on membership (i.e., one member, one vote) rather than shareholding.

Radio 2RPH Co-operative Limited (trading name Radio 2RPH) is a “non-distributing co-operative”, meaning we are not required to have share capital and must not distribute surplus funds to members.

As a co-operative member, no one is under any personal liability to a creditor of the co-operative.

Members support community radio and play a vital role in shaping the station’s future by sharing their views at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in November.

According to Radio 2RPH Rules (see below), only active members can vote at the AGM and stand for the Board.

When you join Radio 2RPH, you become a co-operative member registered in New South Wales under the Co-operatives National Law and certified by NSW Fair Trading (Registration number: NSWC00753).

Radio 2RPH Co-operative Limited is our new name registered by NSW Fair Trading along with revised rules on 17 February 2023. We were first registered in September 1979 as Radio for the Print-Handicapped of New South Wales Co-operative Limited.

Click here to read the Radio 2RPH Co-operative Limited Rules.

Click here to read Radio 2RPH Co-operative Limited Financial Financial Statements for the year ended 30 June 2023.