The Antiques Radio Show is a monthly program about antiques and the decorative arts, presented by Jolyon Warwick James. It explores news, reviews, events objects and goings on in the world of things that are old, beautiful or both – whether valuable or not!

The program is broadcast every Monday at 3:30pm, with new episodes every month.

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17 Jun 2024, 4pm

17 Jun 2024, 4pm Episode #72 A gruesome document, an exhibition about breasts, a caterpillar brooch, a ceramic teapot, and a further stained-glass window – mixed in with a bit of Hollywood and some historical characters past and present. Creating plenty of social comment and context. The quiz includes quite a spectacle. Original broadcast date: 17.06.24

20 May 2024, 4pm

20 May 2024, 4pm Episode #71 Mysteries and oddities are the order of the day- another stained glass window, some embroidery, railwayana, and a goniometer (!?) with a smattering of archaeology, a hint of “who-dunnit” and revisiting an impersonator. Our Zoom chat is far from mysterious, indeed very down to earth – we talk to two stalwarts of the Wagga Wagga Antique Society. Original broadcast date: 20.05.24

22 Apr 2024, 3:48pm

22 Apr 2024, 3:48pm Episode #70 We link the Southern and Northern hemispheres with people and objects: including a stained-glass window, an amazing chalice and other unearthed objects, a silver mug and a map. Our Zoom chat is with Luke Schrager who brings silver wisdom to a mug and an extraordinary historical saga. Original broadcast date: 22.04.24

25 Mar 2024, 4pm

25 Mar 2024, 4pm Episode #69 Another Royal Doulton figure of an historic guy. Body painting with a difference …!? A mug of murderers and how not to behave in a museum. Our Zoom chat is with a long-standing stalwart of antiques and art journalism – Roland Arkell. Plus the Quiz. Original broadcast date: 25.03.24

26 Feb 2024, 4pm

26 Feb 2024, 4pm Episode #68 We consider understanding the context of collecting objects as against just hoarding or amassing. This we do through the lens of a camera, a Civil War display, a Knight mascot, and a splendid book which adds more than its pages might suggest. Our Zoom chat is with the President of the Ceramic Collectors Society, Paul Simadas.   Original broadcast date: 26.02.24

29 Jan 2024, 3:38pm

29 Jan 2024, 3:38pm Episode #67 We focus on amazing prices realised. Why does this occur and what does this signal? A book, a glass vase, a tribal mask, a bronze statue and a painting, all help to explain. Our Zoom chat with Rev John Cuffe adds another dimension to our appreciation of antiques and art. Original broadcast date: 29.01.24

1 Jan 2024, 4pm

1 Jan 2024, 4pm Episode #66 Three unrelated amusing and intriguing sagas (dogs, lamps and poison bottles), followed by three articles showing the importance of history and technology in our understanding and discovery of Art and Antiques (sunken ships, charred papyrus scrolls and weeping statues). In the middle, some Roman Imperial pronominal transitions. And the quiz. Original broadcast date: 01.01.24

4 Dec 2023, 4:56pm

4 Dec 2023, 4:56pm Episode #65 The Antiques Radio Show goes shopping (Antiques and Art, of course) for the staff of our Radio Station 2RPH. What would suit the General, Operations, Business Development and Technical Service managers? – and the Production and Financial Controllers? And are love letters a lost art? Do they have a place in modern society? We address these issues! Original broadcast date: 04.12.23

6 Nov 2023, 2:30pm

6 Nov 2023, 2:30pm Episode #64 Two styles are encountered, the Dutch Auricular style and Art Deco. The latter is the focus of Peter Sheridan’s new publication and our Zoom chat. We look at some bizarre objects and memorabilia, and consider the fate of a cancelled jewelry sale. Plus the quiz! Original air date: 06.11.23

9 Oct 2023, 2:06pm

9 Oct 2023, 2:06pm Episode #63 We discuss the best car for the job (of an art/antiques dealer), a new book on Art deco, changes to Liberty (the London Shop), restitution of indigenous artefacts, Museum problems and a boating blue. Plus the Quiz! Original air date: 09.10.23