Arts Activated Is Covid Proofed

Fri, 23 July 2021

Due to the impact of the current COVID-19 outbreak in Sydney, the upcoming Arts Activated 2021 conference has swiftly adapted the delivery of its terrific program.


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Big Wrinkles In Time

Fri, 16 July 2021

This episode of Junior Journal will keep the paleontologists in the family busy imagining prehistoric Australia for hours! So many children go through a Dinosaur obsession it’s practically a rite of passage. There is also a lovely reading from the award winning children’s classic A Wrinkle in Time by American author Madeleine L'Engle, which was first published in 1962.

Australotitan Crop

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2RPH Seeks General Manager

Thu, 15 July 2021

Following the resignation of Sancha Donald, our current, highly successful General Manager who will finish up in September we are looking for an experienced General Manager to manage and lead our motivated and talented team of 200 volunteers and a small group of paid staff.

Austin chan ukzHlkoz1IE unsplash

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Board Director Opportunities-2RPH

Mon, 12 July 2021

2RPH is a community radio station broadcasting to those living with a print disability, or who are unable to access published material. We are seeking to appoint at least two new non-Executive Directors to fill casual vacancies.

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Climate Savvy

Fri, 9 July 2021

In The Savvy Investor this week - amid growing concerns of an economic fallout from global warming, eight investment groups, including BNP Paribas Asset Management, DWS and Comgest Asset Management, have been urged by big investors to maintain their focus on reducing carbon emissions, even as businesses grapple with the economic fallout of coronavirus. 

Simon berger 1tZibx8WUwM unsplash

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    Relax About Your Next Residence!

    Fri, 9 July 2021

    In this episode of Ageing With Attitude we explore the common misconception that you need a substantial amount of money tucked away in the bank, to get into residential aged care. The reality is that most aged-care homes are required to keep a ratio of “low-means residents” above 40 per cent. 

    Claudia van zyl L30rgHYSyuU unsplash

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    Swab Dogs Rock!

    Wed, 23 June 2021

    This month Animates spreads some sunshine on the Covid darkness with a story about a pathology collector who has been documenting the dogs accompanying their owners for a swab. Swab Dogs of Insta have become a huge hit!
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    Swab dog small (2)

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    Our Order Of Australia!

    Fri, 18 June 2021

    We are delighted to share the news that our colleague and fellow director, Robert Estcourt, has been recognised in the recent Queen's Birthday honours. 

    Robert Escourt largest (2)

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