Reputations At Risk

Thu, 8 April 2021

In the next episode of People in Profile we feature the high-achieving lawyer about to represent Christian Porter in his defamation case against the ABC – a case that is shaping up to be one of the most keenly watched in recent history. Rebekah Giles is a true survivor whose confidence, commercial savvy, networking, and board work have earned her an unusual and high profile place in the Australian legal world and international recognition for her expertise in reputational risk. 

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An Accessibility Success Story

Wed, 7 April 2021

Tonight Limelight includes a deep dive into an innovative accessibility initiative that has changed the way we consume music forever. Find out how the Melbourne Digital Concert Hall responded to Covid by creating a new hybrid model, combining live-and-digital, to reach audiences around Australia.
Melbourne recital hall

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Activated Laughs

Wed, 7 April 2021

Does being born with a disability increase your chances of growing up to be funny? On Activated Arts this week two outstanding comics, Alistair Baldwin and Madeleine Stewart, say it doesn't hurt.

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Thu, 1 April 2021

A cheeky new campaign will feature next Monday on the Breakfast show at 7am, but you might need it before then. It's been designed to support the millions of Australians who need to know if relief is at hand as they travel around this beautiful country. We think the National Public Toilet Map is a national treasure! And there are prizes to win if you can add to the map.

Great Dunny Hunt

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Should art inform and entertain, but never offend?

Fri, 26 March 2021

This week on Antique Radio Show your host Jolyon Warwick Jones discusses the meaning of art and how we value it.
Alexandre valdivia 8hILOCKw5yA unsplash (2)

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What's Driving '30 Laps With Dick' this week?

Fri, 26 March 2021

Richard Lyon likes to aspirate his remarkable knowledge of every notable race, driver and model that has lit up the motoring world since at least 1867, with plenty of humour and wit. Buckle up for some fun!

Dick Lyons (4)

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Step into the Tardis this week with New Voices

Wed, 17 March 2021

Get set for this remarkable episode in which veteran news hound, commentator and creative powerhouse Stephen O’Doherty critiques Lara Harriman, at 23, our youngest writer so far. 

Charlie seaman lsdwjphCljE unsplash (2)

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Audio Book Information MeetUp

Wed, 10 March 2021

Calling all authors! 

2RPH is rapidly moving into the space that allows emerging writers, self published authors, and small publishing houses to access the burgeoning audience of "readers" who prefer to consume books in audio form.

We are convening an online MeetUp at 7pm on 10 March for writers, small publishers, government departments, and corporates to show you how to work with us to turn your manuscript for a book or manual into a global standard audio book.

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