Our listeners

Radio 2RPH continues to engage with its listenership to deliver a valuable and relevant radio reading service. In April 2019, the station reached out to its audience to complete the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia's (CBA) Station Community Engagement Survey (SCES). The survey was an opportunity for 2RPH to connect with its listeners and to find out who they are, when they listen, and how the program could be improved.

Out of a target of 200 completed surveys, 2RPH reached 190 total survey responses. 

Below is a summary of the survey's results. The comments in the raw data are currently being sorted and will be released later in the year.

For a copy of the report, please download the Word version SCES 2RPH May 2019 or the original PDF version SCES 2RPH May 2019

Ongoing feedback

While the 2RPH Listener Survey has now closed, we are always looking for feedback from listeners. You can provide feedback in two ways: 

1. Complete the Feedback Form

2. Send us your comments by completing the Contact Us Form