Sunday pilot program

Wed, 5 September 2018

Sunday pilot programAs part of introducing new programs to increase our relevance and listenership we will be piloting a new program on Sundays during September commencing Sunday 2nd. It will be called The Sunday Papersand will include both the Sun-Herald and the Sunday Telegraph. The readings will commence at 10am and will be on air until 12:30pm.

Other program changes for Sundays include:

  • Magazine Digest – Force 10 and Believe It or Not, which alternate each week, will move from 9:30am on Sunday mornings to 1:30pm,
  • Stars and Radio and TV Guide with Ken Bock will move from 10am to 9:30am,
  • The timeslot previously held by the Sunday Telegraph will be filled by Magazine Digest and finally,
  • Three new Sunday programs will be added to the line-up: Dr Who Magazine at 2pm, Unearthed at 2:30pm and Muse at 3pm.

Unearthed is a program with a compilation of readings about archaeology while Muse is a program focused on books, art and music. Normal Sunday afternoon programming will resume from 3:30pm.

To download a special September edition of the 2RPH Program Guide, please click 2018 2RPH Program Guide September.

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