2RPH celebrates National Volunteer Week

Fri, 29 May 2020

The theme for this year's National Volunteer Week (18-24 May) was 'Changing Communities, Changing Lives'. There isn't a better time to capture what so many volunteers do across Australia, including the nearly 200 volunteers at 2RPH.

From Admin and Rostering to presenting and post-production, the volunteers at 2RPH come from all walks of life to contribute to the blind and low vision community. Over the past few weeks, the station has received many messages of support from listeners and members appreciative of the station's efforts to remain on-air, especially with so many of our volunteers needing to go into self-isolation..

The station simply couldn't exist without the dedicated efforts and support of our many volunteers. To get into the spirit of this year's National Volunteer Week, staff and volunteers were invited to literally put up their hand and thank not just themselves and their peers, but all the volunteers around Australia by waving a special smile of appreciation from their own home.

Meet some of the faces of 2RPH we showcases during National Volunteer Week.

Introducing Stephen and Kandy! This fun-loving pair come into the station on Wednesdays to sort out the mammoth volunteer roster. It's a big job, and one that's pivotal to our operations. Thankfully, we've got these two, alongside our other amazing Rosterers, to help us get through the work.

Stephen C

Introducing 2RPH General Manager Sancha and Technical Manager Peter. These two are the power engines behind the station, keeping everything in order and ensuring we're doing our bit in minimising the spread of infection among our high-risk volunteer group. As you can see here, they are practicing good social distancing!

Sancha and Peter

Introducing Bob, volunteer presenter of 2RPH program Get Together! Bob is a veteran of the station and records all of his programs, including his Anzac Day special programs, from his home studio (pictured). Bob is waving his appreciation to all of his fellow 2RPH volunteers, as well as the many volunteers across Australia who, like Bob, may work diligently at home, or on their own.

Bob H

Introducing Dimitry! Dimitry is one of our amazing all-rounders! He presents Features Forum on Wednesdays with his regular reader Bryan; he produces The Guardian alongside co-presenter Jacky; he helps fellow volunteer Teresa with her program, Ageing with Attitude; and he allows himself to get talked into being the Choirmaster for our Christmas parties! He is a legend, and someone we're grateful to work alongside at 2RPH.

Dimitry M

Introducing Catherine, 2RPH's Volunteer and Community Engagement Officer! Catherine supports our amazing volunteers with new engagement initiatives, alongside our volunteer Engagement Committee, and organises our big volunteer events, ensuring everyone gets the opportunity to meet and connect. Although these days, that's likely to be over Zoom!

Catherine Maitland

Introducing Pam! If you're a regular 2RPH listener on Fridays, you may recognise Pam's voice. Pam is announces The Australian every fortnight, although she has had a little break recently due to coronavirus!

Pam N

Introducing Chelsea! Our amazing Content Manager, who's in charge of keeping all of our 2RPH programs fresh and supporting our volunteer presenters. She does a great job, especially when she's only at the station one day per week!

Chelsea Deeley

Introducing Danielle, the 2RPH Administration and Communications Officer! She is waving her appreciation for all the hard work the volunteers of 2RPH put in to their roles, as well as volunteers all around Australia!

Danielle Hanrahan