Ablequest programs for 2015

Ablequest is a series of 15 minute programs which examines developments in assistive technology and initiatives for those people living with a wide range of disabilities.This page contains program files for episodes first broadcast in 2015.

Sydney New Year's Eve

Once again 2RPH will provide a live broadcast of the event from Sydney Harbour.

In this program we look at the process by which the broadcast is accomplished and the preparations leading up to it.

Original Broadcast Date 25.12.2015

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Sydney Festival Accessibility

The organisers of the upcoming 2016 Sydney Festival team welcome all visitors and make every effort to ensure the program is accessible to their whole audience.

Fiona Winning, program head, discusses their wide-ranging plan and how people with disabilities can take part in the festival.

Original Broadcast Date 11.12.2015

Save Sight Institute

“Hands off your eyes!”...

is a public awareness campaign about the hidden dangers of chronic and vigorous eye rubbing. Professor Stephanie Watson from the Save Sight Institute in Sydney explains more….

Original Broadcast Date 27.11.2015

JeeNee Mobile

This week we take a slightly different tack and introduce "JeeNee Mobile" a Social Enterprise.

As a Not for Profit organisation, JeeNee Mobile is an example of what is known as a social enterprise; that is, it serves a broad cross-section of people with disabilities, by undertaking an entrepreneurial commercial activity that generates the funds necessary to provide those services.

Original Broadcast Date 13.11.2015

Wheelie Good Cruises

For people living with disabilities traveling can present challenges. However cruising presents an ideal option.

Increasingly hospitality companies are paying attention to issues of accessibililty for such travelers and it would seem that the cruise industry in particular, has made progress in this area. This week's guest Robert DePasquale is a passionate cruiser despite being wheelchair bound. He feels that far from being a factor for not cruising, cruising is an ideal option for people with disability. In this program he draws on his own experiences to explain why this is so.

Original Broadcast Date 30.10.2015

Accessibility in Communications

The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) and its work in the disability sector.

ACCAN is Australia's peak body for Consumer representation in communications. A prominent focus of ACCAN is to address specific issues experienced by those with disabilities. We meet Wayne Hawkins, disability policy adviser, who discusses his role and ACCAN's work.

Original Broadcast Date 16.10.2015

Audiodescription with Bruce Cutler

Bruce Cutler talks about live description of theatrical performances.

This program was first aired on 10th January 2014 and is repeated here as it leads into a further discussion of this craft, in the following two episodes.

Original Broadcast Date 02.10.2015

Accesible Arts - Latest Initiatives

Accessible Arts is the peak body for arts and disability in New South Wales.

Sancha Donald, CEO of Accessible Arts, returns to discuss their collaboration with VIVID festival this year and also their upcoming venture singing The Messiah, performed by the Sydney Philharmonia.

Original Broadcast Date 18.09.2015

Blind Deaf Phone

CONEXU is an organisation which aims to understand the unmet communication needs of deaf, hard of hearing and speech impaired people, and to seek technology solutions from across the world to make a difference in their lives.

Rachel McKay, Chief Strategy Officer at Conexu, talks about the latest trial of a captioned telephone handset with a braille display.

Original Broadcast Date 04.09.2015


L’Arche is an international federation of communities where people with and without an intellectual disability share life together in communal houses.

Krishnee Nair is the CEO of L’Arche in NSW. She visited the 2RPH studio with one of the residents, Joanne. Krishnee talked about the beginnings of L’Arche in France, the expansion of the organisation internationally and how the three houses in Sydney function day to day.

Original Broadcast Date 21.08.2015

Latest Developments with Neuroswitch Pt 2

Continuing the discussion concerning the current state of Neuroswitch we began in Part 1

In this episode we learn that the Neuroswitch technology not only benefits the user but the enhanced communication ability it offers, also has benefits for others as well. We also learn of the interest expressed by Veteran's Affairs in the US and possible inroads into our own NDIS.

Original Broadcast Date 07.08.2015

Latest developments with Neuroswitch PT 1

We learn of how Neuroswitch has evolved since our introduction to it three years ago.

Peter Ford rejoins us this time, to update us on current state of the Neuroswitch technology. Neuroswitch is now exclusively available on the various Apple platforms and development is continuing with these devices. He also talks about several real life case studies.

Original Broadcast Date 24.07.2015

Neuroswitch Revisited

We revisit an earlier program introducing the “Neuroswitch”.

In anticipation of a forthcoming series on Ablequest, this program reviews the first episode broadcast in April 2012, in which the Neuroswitch was introduced.

Original Broadcast Date 10.07.2015

Kisa Phone

KISA is a Melbourne-based start-up which solves the problem of over-complex mobile phone technology for the elderly and disabled.

Dmitri Levin, Co-founder of the recently launched KISA phone, has created a mobile handset especially for people who do not wish to do anything else but make or receive phone calls. The brand KISA reflects their development philosophy - Keep It Simple Always.

Original Broadcast Date 26.06.2015

David Woodbridge - Technology Update Pt 2

The significance of the new Apple Watch in assisting people with vision impairment.

David Woodbridge of Vision Australia returns to discuss the features and functionality of the Apple Watch.

Original Broadcast Date 12.06.2015

David Woodbridge revisited

David Woodbridge is an Adaptive Technology Consultant at Vision Australia where he assesses, recommends and installs assistive technology solutions for clients.

He also researches and evaluates new and upcoming technology that can help blind and visually impaired people be more independent.

Original Broadcast Date 17.04.2015

Independent Living Centre Part 2

The Independent Living Centre is an information and advisory service about assistive technology.

Robyn Chapman, CEO of ILC NSW, literally walks us through the Centre, which includes a purpose-built apartment, to give us a picture of the amazing range of products available.

Original Broadcast Date 20.03.2015

Independent Living Centre Part 1

The Independent Living Centre is an information and advisory service about assistive technology.

Robyn Chapman is the CEO of Independent Living Centre NSW. She discusses the new facility in Blacktown, which is a mecca for anyone in need of assistive devices and technology, to help them live independently.

Original Broadcast Date 06.03.2015

Epilepsy Action

Epilepsy is a disease which disrupts normal brain activity, resulting in unpredictable seizures, that can have adverse social consequences.

Libby hardy, Service Manager of Epilepsy Action Australia, discusses all the ramifications of epilepsy and the activities of her organisation.

Original Broadcast Date 20.02.2015


The team at the Robotics Design Lab, at the University of Queensland, has been working with Vision Australia to design and develop an interactive soccer ball.

Dr Paul Pounds, a member of the team, talks about this initiative which gives a normative sporting experience to people with vision impairment.

Original Broadcast Date 06.02.2015

Ability Links Pt 2

Ability Links is a recent initiative of the NSW government, providing a new way to support people with disability, their families and carers.

Following the previous segment on Ability Links, this program take a more personal look at the organisation. One of the Linkers, Kirsten Oataway, talks about her job and the participants in the wide variety of programs.

Original Broadcast Date 23.01.2015

Ability Links Pt 1

Ability Links is a recent initiative of the NSW government, providing a new way to support people with disability, their families and carers.

Steven Gal who is responsible for Ability Links in NSW discusses the way the organisation helps them plan for the future, build on their strengths and skills and develop networks in their own communities outside the traditional disability system.

Original Broadcast Date 09.01.2015

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