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2RPH is the only community radio station in New South Wales dedicated to broadcast to people who are unable to easily access published information, either online or in hard copy. Why not promote your business to our 100,000 listeners who tune in to Radio 2RPH each week.

You can sponsor a range of programs, partner with us through our unique Corporate Volunteering Program or promote your business on air. 


2RPH offers five levels of sponsorship ranging from specific program sponsorship to station sponsorship. Sponsorship options are designed to enhance your business by promoting your products and services to our thousand of weekly listeners.

To discuss sponsorship of 2RPH, please email Sales and Sponsorship Officer Jeremy Hill - jhill@2rph.org.au

2RPH is the only community radio station in New South Wales dedicated to broadcast to people who are unable to easily access published information, either online or in hard copy.

Broadcasting to wider Sydney and the Newcastle region on both the AM (1224) and FM (100.5) frequencies, and in Sydney on 2RPH Digital, we have partner stations in the Blue Mountains, Bathurst and Wagga Wagga. 2RPH is also part of the national RPH radio reading network.

2RPH also develops features and unique content created on topics of interest driven by audience, editorial and consumer needs, such as the program 'Ablequest', which showcases assistive technology and initiatives that enable people with disabilities to live a full and independent life.

    • Reach - Radio reaches most of the population in multiple environments, home, office, car and in everyday situations like walking
    • Cut Through - 2RPH limits its messaging to five minutes per hour, so our listeners hear you message
    • Targeting - Radio messaging can be tailored and localised to specific demographics, geographic areas and communities
    • Cost Efficient - Radio offers reach, frequency and impact through economical production solutions.

Our listeners have told us (Source McNairYellowSquares Research 2019)

2RPH is a station that they trust (89% listeners)

2RPH provides valuable and relevant content (93%)

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Why promote your business on 2RPH?

Our listeners are unique. They are people who want:

    • An independent voice
    • Programs that they can’t hear elsewhere
    • News without the drama
    • A friendly voice that speaks to them, not at them
    • Specialist information programs.

Sydney wide coverage


Greater Sydney – 2x 5,000‐watt (5kW) AM transmitters (1224kHz) sited at Prospect, in the foothills of the Blue Mountains that covers the Greater Sydney area Eastern and Southern Suburbs.

Northern Beaches - 1x 1,000‐watt (1kW) FM transmitter (100.5MHz) located at the top of a tower block in Kings Cross that provides enhanced coverage to the Eastern Suburbs, Northern Beaches and Southern Suburbs.

Lower Hunter Region - 1x 4,000‐watt (4kW) FM transmitter (100.5MHz) sited at the Mt Sugarloaf transmission facility that covers the Newcastle and Lower Hunter Region.

Global Reach: we have several programs on popular podcast platforms like Spotify, Google Podcasts & Apple podcasts. As well as several active social media channels.

Newcastle wide coverage 

Newcaslte wid coverage

2RPH Listener Profile

An image of a radio microphone

100,000 listeners tune in to Radio 2RPH each week. Out of those listeners, 40 per cent live with a disability. 

Our 2RPH audience comprises:

  • Those who are blind or who have low vision
  • People fitted with cochlear implants learning to hear
  • People learning English as a second language who read along with the daily newspaper broadcasts
  • Commuters, taxi drivers and truckies
  • People at work, particularly shift workers who miss the morning news
  • Those who are hospitalised, the elderly and housebound who can listen to the newspapers read to them from the comfort of their beds or lounge chairs.

What do you hear on 2RPH?

An image of a pile of newspapers.

Listeners hear a variety of publications and non-reading content on air, including:

  • Readings from all daily newspapers
  • Letters to the editor
  • Book readings
  • Articles from popular magazines, such as Australian Women's Weekly, Time, The Monthly and Limelight.
  • Lifestyle programs - food and wine, gardening, health and computers
  • Finance and stock market reports
  • International news, including BBC World News and readings from The Guardian

Listener age groups

Weekly listeners

Corporate Volunteering

There is a truly unique opportunity for members of your team to broadcast live on-air. 

2RPH Corporate Volunteering Program

      As a radio reading service, 2RPH will welcome members of your team to come to 2RPH to supplement our regular volunteer readers. They would not only see what we do, but be part of the on-air reading crew.

      We have five distinct shifts throughout the day to which two members from your team, can be allocated. Our regular readers will work with them to show them the ropes and introduce them to broadcasting live.

      The experience for your team members will be reading to: our thousands of listeners; their colleagues; and for their families to hear first-hand of their volunteering effort. This opportunity is available for your team for a small donation of $500 per person, which will go directly to helping run the station.

      Benefits for your team and organisation

      • Your team will have the satisfaction, and FUN, of knowing they are participating in the only NSW radio reading service that broadcasts to those unable to access published material.
      • A 30-second promotional message, about your organisation, worth $600, will be played at the beginning and end of each shift.
      • Your organisation will be introduced to over 100,000 listeners. l Photos with our volunteers can be used in your internal and external communications to highlight your team and organisation’s commitment to the community.
      • In selecting this opportunity, you will establish yourself as an imaginative leader who inspires other leaders in your organisation.
      • It will demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to community outreach.

      For any further details and specific rates, please contact us.