Transformational Gadgetry

Wed, 19 May 2021

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pic by Uriel Soberanes

Navigating the quickly changing terrain of assistive technology can open whole new worlds, but if you are not a naturally "techie" person it can be totally discombobulating! This week Abelquest demystifies the whole caboodle with a report on Life Tec, an innovative Brisbane-based social enterprise that matches an individual’s needs to the most appropriate assistive technology products, services and solutions. Even more critically, Life Tec also make recommendations that will guide funding decisions for the NDIS and other government funding options. Elaine Wziontek speaks to Life Tec's Consumer and Sector Engagement Manager, Scott Green, and Gary Darminin, who was a Senior Adviser to the NDIS before joining the APM Group, a leading global human services and health care organisation. They discuss the life-transforming impacts of about technology and how it can provide practical solutions that make work and life so much easier.

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