Making Travel Accessible

Thu, 15 July 2021

Simon Darcy profile image

Professor Simon Darcy is an interdisciplinary researcher with expertise in developing inclusive organisational approaches for diversity groups. His research has spanned a variety of contexts including sport, tourism, events, volunteers, transport, the built environment and disability services. As both an academic and a person with a high level disability, Simon brings a unique insider's perspective to understanding disability issues and the rights of all people to fully participate in community life.

In this episode Simon discusses the difficulties faced by people with a disability who want to travel and the innovations that have made some tourist destinations more accessible and attractive to a broader spectrum of travellers. He also discusses some of his recent research into entrepreneurship for people with disability.

Simon is Professor of Social Inclusion - UTS Business School - Centres for Business and Social innovation, and Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, University of Technology Sydney, and has held grants with the Australian Research Council, Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre, the United Nations, and has carried out research studies for government, business and not-for-profit sectors. Simon's work is characterised by a research evidenced based approach to changing business, government and not for profit sector practices. He is a member of the Disability Council of NSW, which is the ministerial advisory to the New South Wales Government's Department of Family and Community Services. He is currently working on a number of projects relating the National Disability Insurance Scheme, National Disability Strategy and person centred approaches to disability policy.

Inclusive Agenda is presented by Vivien Shenker and is broadcast monthly on Sundays at 1.30pm in Week 2 and is repeated a fortnight later. This episode goes to air on Sunday July 25.