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This page is not accessible as a link via the normal public 2RPH website.  It is intended as a resource for 2RPH Announcers and Readers to monitor their programs for self assessment purposes.  AS we we have not finalised permission from the publishers for "listening on Demand" this page should only be accessed by those who have been supplied with the URL.  Similarly please do not distribute the URL to anyone else.

Programs listed in the general "Listen on Demand" section of the site are not duplicated here and the number of programs will be added to as bandwidth and other technical considerations are evaluated.

Any questions or concerns please contact me at peterw2rph@gmail.com

Happy listening,


Listen to each program by left clicking on the respective links below.

Features Forum - Monday to Saturday

Saturday Death Notices and SMH

Saturday Telegraph

Saturday Australian

Readers Write

Saturday Magazines

Newcastle Herald

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