2RPH has a diverse range of programs to meet the information, entertainment and educational needs of its listenership. From Ageing with Attitude to Health Matters and Parish Pump, Australian Women's Weekly and The Monthly, there is a wealth of content read and produced by the station. 

As part of its commitment to improve and expand its program to best suit existing and new audiences, 2RPH encourages new program proposals that demonstrate a high standard of thought, preparation and delivery. It is important to us that the needs of our current and potential ‘community of interest’ are met by presenting a program that is contemporary, informative and unique.

The 2RPH 'community of interest' primarily comprise those with print disabilities, those who lack access to published material, or those whose lifestyles limit time for reading and remaining informed.

Submitting a new program proposal

2RPH welcomes considered and diverse program proposals submitted by listeners, members of the public, or those interested in community broadcasting. If you would like to submit a new program proposal for the station to consider, please review the below steps.

1. Download the 2RPH New Program Proposal Form.

2. Once completed, email your form to

3. Submissions for new programs will be reviewed by the station's Programming Advisory Group (PAG), who meet every two months to review listener feedback, new program proposals, scheduling of programs, and policies surrounding 2RPH programming. 

4. Once an outcome has been finalised, you will be notified by the station.

A snapshot of the 2RPH program

A photo of the 2RPH programs lying on a desk


Sydney Morning Herald

Daily Telegraph

The Australian

Features forum – top comments from the daily papers


Australian Women’s Weekly

Woman’s Day

Time Magazine

New Yorker

The Economist


Children’s book

Lunchtime book

Book at bedtime


Health, food and science

Health matters

Good Food

Food and wine

Natural Health

New Scientist

Some of our most popular shows

What’s the Buzz – what’s on in Sydney

Little Fictions – ½ hour radio plays

Kaleidoscope– something for everyone

Downunder – true Australian tales

Ageing and disability

Ageing with attitude

Ablequest – using assistive technology

Optimal life – live your best life over 50

Talking vision – from Vision Australia

A few of the titles 2RPH reads

Cover of Australian Womens Weekly cover

Broadcast 7pm Friday and 1:30pm Monday

Cover of Time Magazine

Broadcast 9pm Friday and 9pm Monday

Cover of History Today magazine

Broadcast 10pm Thursday and 1pm Sunday

Cover of New Scientist magazine

Broadcast 8.30pm Wednesday and 6.30pm Sunday