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Our animal friends really do spread the love!

“I did a shift at Heidelberg Repat Hospital,” said Tiffany White, a pathology collector working at drive-through COVID-19 testing sites in Melbourne’s north. “And all these gorgeous dogs were coming through with their owners and I thought, ‘Stuff it, we need an Instagram page because these dogs are too cute’,

The page now features more than 280 photographs – and not just of dogs. There has even been a bird.

Ms White said working all day at a testing site could be “a pretty thankless task”, so meeting people’s pets was a welcome bonus.

“Particularly over January, February, March we are all under the tent in full PPE with temperatures up to 40 degrees,” she said. “At the end of the day all we want to do is spread some joy, and there is nothing more joyful than a slobbery dog sticking their head out a window.”

Also in Animates this episode, Assistance Dogs Australia is looking for people to look after their pups In training for a year. These soon-to-be furry friends are no ordinary dogs. They support the country’s most vulnerable, from people with physical disabilities, children living with autism to those suffering from PTSD. You can apply


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And there is a reading from

Dog Stories

by James Herriot published by Pan MacMillan in 2020. This classic collection of stories features dogs like Tricki Woo, the little Pekinese suffering from ‘flop-butt’; Clancy the dog who nobody would go near; and Gyp, the sheepdog who only barked once in his life. They’re joined by lovable dogs of all shapes and sizes in a wonderful collection of stories, which will be enjoyed by all dog-lovers and James Herriot fans alike.



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