In this episode of Junior Journal, presenter Lynne Foley-Jones brings you all things Spoon from tales of Spoonville, to The History of Spoons, the Wooden Spoon Award, Silver Spoon Stories, and the Egg and Spoon Race. The icing on the spoon is a sprinkle of jokes and a Music Book Reading from the delightful “Walter the Farting Dog” by William Kotzwinkle.
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What is Spoonville? Perhaps you noticed that something peculiar started popping up on nature strips around the country over the past 12 months? Gaggles of spoons, adorned with googly eyes, pipe-cleaner arms and feather hats started appearing on lawns, in flower pots, gardens and public parks. Creating these spoon villages or “Spoonvilles” became a lockdown craze for kids and adults alike. It only took a patch of ground, a sign reading “Spoonville” and a character or two to inspire others in the neighbourhood to make their own cutlery villagers and join the crowd. Much like the teddybear hunts, the idea is to ensure children still feel they are part of a community even when unable to see their friends and neighbours in person.

Junior Journal goes to air every Saturday at 6.30pm and is presented by spoon-enthusiast Lynne Foley-Jones.