We all know that artists and performers have show riders – blue M&Ms anyone? – and they are probably not as outlandish as celebrity requests for scented candles and crates of champagne. In fact the Show Rider can provide critical support just when you need it most – before and after you go on stage to perform.  If you’re an artist with disability, however, getting what you need in terms of access can sometimes be a difficult process, especially when you have to constantly educate producers and venues. Well, the answer is: access riders! In the

Access Rider Workshop

from 4pm-5pm, performer and disability advocate Hanna Cormick (pictured above) will team up with visual artist Arlene TextaQueen to provide a practical overview of how to put together an access rider, what to ask for and the kind of language to use. This is also a great session for producers and venue operators to learn about how to be more inclusive of people with disability when commissioning and programming.The program of Arts

Arts Activated Day Two

also includes

Stronger Together: Integrating Artists With Disability Into The Mainstream

at 1pm, moderated by Madeleine Little, a Brisbane-based performer, theatre maker, writer and access consultant for the performing arts, with panellists from the Sydney opera House, Create NSW and two practicing artists from Western Australia; and Local Heroes: Innovative Approaches For Boosting Cultural Access & Inclusion In Communities & Neighbourhoods will feature representatives from Sydney’s Inner West Council, Perth’s DADAA and Alice Springs’ Incite Arts.

Later in the day, Going The Distance: New Methods For Creative Collaborations, featuring a disability-led collective of artists working across Australia, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom and moderated by Caroline Bowditch, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Arts Access Victoria with panellists from the performing arts and business sectors.

Also at 4pm the

NDIS & The Arts Workshop

offers arts practitioner s living with disability or those who work for an arts organisation and want to create more opportunities to involve arts practitioners with disability in their business, tips on navigating the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). It can provide lots of options for assistance but can sometimes be a challenge. Mallika Macleod is the Director of Client Services at Perth’s DADAA and an expert in NDIS and the arts. In this session, Mallika will be joined by two artists with disability who will guide you through some of the key support mechanisms that the NDIS provides and how artists and arts workers can best use the system and the funding it provides to empower the creativity and careers of people with disability.

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