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Together with over 200 disability organisations offering support and essential services to the community, 2RPH has spent two lively days at the Sydney Disability Expo spreading the word about our reading services and curated programming. Thanks to Marty and Sam in our production team, our stall included a visual presentation with an audio track featuring the first interview with our new General Manager, Barry Melville, conducted by presenter Barbara Sullivan (below). Julie Johnson, our Sales and Fundraising Manager was kept very busy throughout Saturday bringing potential sponsors to the table, and volunteers such as Elaine Wziontek (above), Barbara Sullivan and Jo Van Kool helped our Communications Manager Ruth Hessey (below) engage with the passing traffic. It’s been a really enjoyable way to make new friends and connections in the sector. So many lovely people. And a chance for our New General Manager Barry Melville to exercise his considerable conversational skills.
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