Suzanne Bull MBE (pictured above) is one of the world’s premier advocates for advancing access and inclusion in arts and culture for people with disability, and one of several high-profile international speakers at the upcoming

Arts Activated 2021 conference

, Australia’s leading arts and disability forum. Ms Bull is the founder and CEO of influential UK-based disability advocacy organisation

Attitude Is Everything

and will deliver the conference keynote on the final day.

This year the focus is on ensuring the post-COVID recovery of Australia’s arts and cultural sector is inclusive of arts practitioners and audiences with disability or who are d/Deaf. With Covid once again limiting our physical mobility, it’s been fortunate that most of the sessions were already scheduled to take place online. The way that most of the delegates will experience the conference will remain the same. The key information you need is below.

All Virtual Sessions To Continue As Planned

All 14 virtual sessions that have been programmed will continue to be delivered as planned. The conference portal will continue to support the delivery of all relevant content and as well as the participation of all programmed speakers. This means all the event partners will continue to receive all relevant partnership benefits being provided via the virtual conference platform.

WSU Broadcast Studio Cancelled

Unfortunately, we will no longer be broadcasting our virtual sessions live from Western Sydney University. Instead, all our virtual sessions will now simply be streamed through the conference portal via Zoom. This means there will be no live studio audience for any virtual sessions.

Live Vivid Sydney Sessions Rescheduled

The entire Vivid Sydney 2021 festival has been rescheduled to 17 September – 9 October and we’ve been working with the organisers to reschedule the four sessions we have in the program. The new date for all four sessions is

Tuesday 28 September.

Vivid is contacting all the people who have registered for these sessions to advise them of the changes. All our event partners will continue to receive all relevant partnership benefits being provided at these sessions.

We can’t wait for this amazing program to commence!