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Unlocking the Mind

Wed, 22 September 2021

From her home in the US, Nancy Cleveland, Medical Director of Eye Gaze, talks to Elaine Wziontek about a remarkable assistive technology which enables people who are suffering from 'locked in' syndrome to communicate. Colin lloyd suj3od1uMv8 unsplash

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Antiques Radio Show Becomes a Podcast!

Wed, 8 September 2021

Our Antiques Radio Show program has joined the 2RPH stable of  global podcasts available through all the major platforms. And no-one is more delighted than presenter Jolyon Warwick James. In this episode he explores some very material oddities and curiosities, including a slew of “well past their use-by-date” comestibles. 

Screen Shot 2021 09 08 at 5.24.23 pm

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Radical Welcome

Wed, 11 August 2021

The concept that everyone should feel welcome has informed the creation of powerful art works throughout human history - this week in Activated Arts presenter Anthea Williams explores the work of innovative US theatre companies Mixed Blood and Phamaly interviewing a leading practitioner and a marketing specialist about the joys and surprises of radical hospitality in action.Mixed Blood Logo

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Women With Disability Take The Lead

Thu, 5 August 2021

Women living with disability are blowing the glass ceiling apart by sharing their stories. This month 2RPH begins a podcast series called We Can All Be Leaders with the Women With Disability Australia Youth Network, hosted by Jade Taylor. She shares her own journey from starting a new life in Brisbane with her husband James to getting off pain meds and out of her wheelchair.

WWDA Youth Network HR 1280px  received 3 Aug 21

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Mission Possible!

Fri, 16 July 2021

The Australian film industry is small and tough to negotiate, despite the bright place on the world stage which so many of our storytellers have forged over the years. On a mission to make it more diverse and inclusive, let alone richer in its stories, Tracey Corbin Matchett, the CEO of Bus Stop Films, and actress/filmmaker Audrey O’Connor  (pictured below) chat to presenter Anthea Williams about making careers in cinema more accessible and impactful.

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Audrey O'Connor

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Making Travel Accessible

Thu, 15 July 2021

In this episode of Inclusive Agenda, we chat to Professor Simon Darcy about some of the difficulties faced by people with a disability who want to travel and the innovations that are opening up new frontiers for a broader spectrum of travellers.

Simon Darcy profile image

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The Poet and the Professor

Fri, 2 July 2021

Biting off as much as she can chew, presenter Maria Issaris decides to canvas a range of opinions about the work of detective fiction writer Swaga Mahapatra in this episode. Critiquer Dr Bill Cope, 2RPH production manager Peter Worthington and audio-book narrator Caroline George all throw in their rupees worth, canvassing the polyphonic patterns of Indian sagas, and the traditions of the detective thriller.

Raimond klavins 16j699 WrWQ unsplash

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World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Fri, 18 June 2021

We are all getting older! but in our ageist society of eternal youth this awareness escapes most people until it hits them in the face - sometimes literally. 
The NSW Ageing and Disability Commissioner, Robert Fitzgerald AM, talks to Abelquest presenter Elaine Wziontek about how important it is to call out the poor treatment many older people experience - especially on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

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Ozan safak qSUZjIEdhmU  2 (2)Pic by Ozan Safak

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