Talented, Cheerful, Indomitable

Wed, 1 December 2021

Thumbnail IMG 24312RPH presenter Elaine Wziontek was pretty flabbergasted when she interviewed Katie Brookes for this episode of Ablequest – not because of Katie’s love of frogs, her techno prowess, her fencing exploits, or because anyone listening to ABC news at 2am the other night would have heard Katie telling the nation about the latest COVID Update. ”It was my first on-air story,” Katie told her facebook followers.

Nor was it particularly amazing that after volunteering for many years at 2RPH where assists in production and presents Animates, a popular program about people and their relationships with their assistance animals, Katie recently began work as an overnight producer with ABC Radio. With her Arts/Science degree from Sydney University, and Masters in Communication from UTS, it's clear that Katie is as disciplined as she is forward focussed when it comes to multi-tasking and managing deadlines. She was a producer at 2SER before she came to 2RPH and has had articles published in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald and extended features broadcast nationally on Talking Vision, a program discussing issues of blindness and low vision. Katie's working knowledge of science allows her to explain complex ideas with ease.

But the incredible thing about Katie, which everyone notices within minutes of meeting her, is how infectious her lust for life is. In this episode of Ablequest, Katie chats to Elaine about her life, the latest print technology for the vision impaired, and what drives her rare flair for having fun.

This episode of Ablequest goes to air on 3 December at 3.00pm and is repeated 6 December at 3.00 pm.