MobilityMe, the one stop shop for user-friendly home aids

Mon, 20 June 2022

Mobility Me 10 Presenter Barb Sullivan was joined in the 2RPH studios by the Ablequest sponsor Pauline Donald.  The founder of online store MobilityMe, Pauline outlined what motivated her to start the business and how she decides on the kinds of products she sells.

As someone with an extensive retail background, Pauline's experience has seen her develop a well-thought-out online platform, designed for easy access, down to the size of fonts and the colours used.

She emphasises that the products she sells are designed to make life just that little bit easier, allowing for ongoing independence in the home. Highlighting who her customers are, she describes them as active agers. Those digitally savvy older members of the community who are online and know exactly what they want and what they need. For those who aren't online, she continues to attend disability expos and do pop-up retail sales in shopping centres.

Working with occupational therapists and listening to her customers has allowed her to build a catalogue of products that meet the needs of her clientele. Taking her customer focus to the next level, Pauline has minimised the amount of packaging used, not just to reduce costs, but also to make parcels as easy as possible to open.

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