Episode #3: Embracing disability

Tue, 29 December 2020

Anthea talks with Asphyxia, writer of the remarkable novel Future Girl, and Sarah-Vyne Vassallo, choreographer, director and Artistic Director of Integrated Performance Company Murmuration. They discuss how their work and practice changed when they embraced Auslan or living with disability. Following the interviews, Anthea and Liz discuss the brilliant films that cast people with disability at the moment in the What's On section. Download the transcript here: Activated Arts Embracing Disability Transcript

Asphyxia is a writer, visual artist, circus performer and musician. Visit: https://helloasphyxia.wordpress.com

Sarah-Vyne Vassallo is a choreographer, director, performer and consultant. Visit: http://www.sarahvynevassallo.com/

Original broadcast date: Friday 4 December