Antiques, Herstory, Chapbooks, Crooks and Chessboards

Thu, 11 February 2021

Brexit and changes to British hallmarking and about the real purpose of a Russian 1930’s travel poster. We hear details of an 18th century silver salver made by someone equally proficient in glass and enamel manufacturing. We find out more about women in the book industry and also about chapbooks (not what they sound like). We find out about an early (pre-chess) board game with a hard to pronounce name, but one useful for the Scrabble board. We examine the museum heist. How do crooks dispose of the stolen works? It harder (luckily) than you might think.

Original broadcast date 01.02.2021

Vlad markov d3lvcLcG4NU unsplash (4)
Pic by Vlad Markov