Activated Arts: Writing the self

Fri, 27 November 2020

In the latest episode of Activated Arts, presenter Anthea chats with writers Fiona Wright and Anna Jacobson about their work and how their writing has helped them and those around them understand complex disability. Fiona Wright is a poet and essayist while Anna Jacobson is a polymath - a writer, visual and video artist.

"Writing poetry just helps me understand and process events surrounding my illness by letting me play with imagery and metaphors...," Anna Jacobson said in the interview.

"Long form creative non-fiction I find is very different to poetry, but it enables me to weave my different selves, part one before the psychosis, part two, the waking, and by braiding these selves through the writing, it's like I'm becoming whole again. So, I just love that different forms of writing can give these different, different avenues and possibilities."

To hear more of the incredible chat between Anthea and Fiona and Anna, visit the audio link here.