A Sparkling New Voice From Bondi Beach

Thu, 1 April 2021

This episode's critiquer isn’t a beach person at all. “I like it, for... about 15 minutes,” says Joel Dickens. He grew up in the south of England with grey stretched out coastlines and wavelets lapping on pebbly beaches - which reduced his new Australian bride - distressed that such a thing could be called a beach - to tears.

Was Joel going to appreciate a novel like Blue Wave Bondi which is a tribute to the Aussie beach scene? Hell, yes. Joel finds much to soothe his soul in Robyn’s work. He appreciates the way Robyn brings the deeper and more disturbing elements of Bondi culture right out into the bright Australian sun - homelessness, domestic violence, and social inequity. His own mother was a social worker, and he knows full well it’s not the type of job you leave at the office – but it can certainly make its way into your creative zone. Then he admits to his own secret project - a work-in-progress novel that he has not shown a soul.

Join these two diverse characters as they find challenge and social solace in our fair sunshine. But due caution listeners: slap on your 50+ before slipping into…. this Episode.

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