Year in review

Fri, 20 December 2019

Year in review

The 2RPH Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Monday 25 November was an opportunity to review the year that's been.

Chair Di Collins opened the meeting and in the presentation of her report, highlighted aspects related to strategy, financial matters and priorities for the year ahead. She explained the Board’s decision to defer the station’s membership of Radio for the Print Handicapped Australia (RPHA); the rationale behind proposed amendments to the 2RPH Rules regarding Directors; and, that as the station is entering the final year of its current strategic cycle, a complete review of the strategy will be conducted over the next few months. 

General Manager Sancha Donald presented her report of the year, speaking of the CBAA Station Community Engagement Survey undertaken in April this year, the launch of six new programs following a refresh of the program, and of the upgrade to the Master Control Room (MCR). 

To review each report, as well as a document highlighting the year 2RPH has had, please click here.