Putting access on the map for Sydneysiders

Fri, 14 February 2020


Tune in for a special interview between the Ablequest team and Max and Justine from The WheelEasy Foundation.

When Max Burt was left paralysed in a car accident years ago, Max and his wife Justine found themselves struck by just how many activities as a couple they could no longer do together. They saw that when a mobility-impaired person is limited by the leisure activities available, the people with them are almost always affected too. They could be partners, family members, friends, children, and other companions.

Not ones to despair, they launched The WheelEasy Foundation. Their aim? To integrate the mobility-impaired and all the people with them more fully into everyday life. There are numerous accessibility-friendly products that currently exist, and more still waiting to be created. The WheelEasy Foundation aims to help deliver these products and services to all those who can’t get out and fully enjoy life together.

The Foundation created WheelEasy, a one-stop web resource to highlight accessible spots around Sydney and surrounding suburbs so that everyone who wants to get out and live life to the full can.

This interview comes as the foundation launch Mapping March, a series of six events across Sydney on Saturdays and Sundays in March where people can learn more about accessibility within their area, as well as help the foundation put nearby places on its access map.

Attendees will get to learn about what access really means from one of the WheelEasy ambassadors, as well as help collect more access information to populate the foundation’s map.

Tune in to Ablequest today at 3pm to hear the interview. For more on WheelEasy and Mapping March, visit: https://wheeleasy.org/

[Image: Justine and Max. Photo take from the WheelEasy website.]