Program spotlight: Optimal Life

Fri, 30 August 2019

Optimal Life

Optimal Life is a newly revamped fortnightly program aimed at those who are between 55-75 years of age. Here, we talk to co-presenter Virginia Collinge on what listeners can expect to hear on the program.

For listeners who are new to Optimal Life, what is the program about?

The program is targeted for the 55-75 age group and to listeners who may be planning to retire in the near future or who have already retired. We try to make the program as informative as possible with items about finance, health, legal situations and dilemmas, such as how to avoid scams.

We also search for lighter articles that might interest our listeners on topics such as mature-age romance and looking after your pet.

Where do you source the material for the program?

We search through any publication, in print or online, that targets this age group, e.g. the Card Newsletter; information from Seniors Rights Service, our sponsor; the magazine Over 50’s and local and major papers when they have a relevant item.

We also find articles online, e.g. on the Arthritis Association and similar websites, the ABC and the Conversation.

What do you hope listeners take away from this program?

I hope that they enjoy the program and also discover things they did not know before. We tend to choose items that we find interesting as we are in this age group and we hope that listeners also find them interesting. It would be wonderful to get some direct listener feedback to help us when we are looking for material.

What do you enjoy about being part of 2RPH?

I enjoy finding articles that could be relevant and helpful. I am discovering a whole world of information that was previously hidden and I hope that the listeners take the same pleasure in discovering this information when we read it out.

To hear Optimal Life on 2RPH, tune in on Thursday each fortnight at 8.30pm and repeated episodes on Sunday each fortnight at 9am.