Program spotlight: Focus

Tue, 6 March 2018

Focus Phillip Boyle

What is the program about? 

The program is called Focus and is the title of the Journal of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering. It covers a number of sub-categories within technology and science, with articles read from highly qualified, internationally recognised Australians (CSIRO, ANSTO, universities, industry) covering many fields revealing Australian advances not reported elsewhere.
Who is the presenter?

My name is Philip Boyle [pictured] and I present the program on my own. I first auditioned for 2RPH in 1999.
What do you love about putting the program together?

In a world full of mainstream media politics, sport and violence, Focus shines a much-needed light on the rich and unsung contributions of Australian scientists, technologists and engineers on the world stage.

It is intelligent, factual, and far above speculative ‘science journalism’ or ‘pop science’.  It is intensely stimulating for me to learn about, and to pass on to our listeners, articles and reports about the highly qualified Australians who appear through its pages. I feel privileged to bring all this to our listeners.

What is one of the most memorable articles you have read for Focus?

A tough question! Do I choose the article which tells us of the enormous lead (possibly five or more years ahead) in which Australia is in the race to build an astonishing machine – the first quantum computer? Or should I choose the first of several articles about the Australian invention (dubbed “Green Steel”) by Prof. Veena Sahajwalla, also from UNSW? Her process recycles old tyres in steel-making. It is being used worldwide and has led to her also receiving several international awards. I could go on!

Focus is on every fortnight: Monday evening at 9:30pm and repeated Friday afternoon at 2:30pm.