Presenter profile: Kumar Rasiah

Wed, 30 September 2020

Volunteer presenter and producer Kumar Rasiah has been presenting The Big Issue for over five years. He shares some thoughts on the program and his experience at the station with 2RPH’s Danielle Hanrahan.

“I used to buy The Big Issue every fortnight, so when 2RPH decided to broadcast it, I jumped at the opportunity and it has never failed to sustain my interest.

“I endeavour to present a diverse range of items from human interest stories to those addressing some of the bigger issues of our time, such as climate change and bio-diversity, wealth and inequality, as well as arts and popular culture. I try to balance the program with lighter, sometimes humorous, snippets about celebrities and the latest fads.

“I like to mix up the length of the items so that the listeners (and I) don’t get bored. Typically, I can get through three to five items per half-hour program. Occasionally, I throw in a pot-pourri edition, catching up on interesting back stories that, due to time,missed the first cut.

“I have a personal interest in social justice and very much enjoy the ethos of The Big Issue, which helps provide an income for, and focus on, those at the margins of society. The depth, breadth and quality of the articles make it a very interesting read indeed.”

The Big Issue is an independent, not-for-profit magazine sold on the streets around Australia. It has expanded from a UK based social enterprise project in 1991 and introduced into Australia in 1996, i.e. 24 years ago, to provide both a voice and a work opportunity for people experiencing homelessness and disadvantage. To hear Kumar present The Big Issue for 2RPH, tune in on alternate Saturdays at 8.30pm and 8pm Wednesday immediately after the Saturday broadcast.

You can hear Kumar presenting The Big Issue at 8.30pm on alternate Saturdays and repeated at 8.00pm on the Wednesday immediately following.