New Voices #5 with Peter Stankovic and Joseph Furolo

Mon, 1 June 2020

Retired? Not so much ...

By Maria Issaris, Producer, New Voices

When Peter Stankovic retired from the finance industry he instantly turned his energies to writing crime novels where ‘the bad guy never gets away.’ In the meantime there is a tortuous path for his ‘hero’, who is inevitably embroiled in moral dilemmas; there are villains with razor-blade-cunning, and there are women who simmer in sensuality. Political correctness? Eh. Adventure and high jinks? Yup.

Critiquer Joseph Furolo is an extremely well-read person, rippling with literary muscle. St Augustine, Homer and Tolkien are common frames of reference. What does he think of Peter’s detective stories which proliferate a ‘Mad Men’ sociology? Loved it. As we all have who have listened to Peter’s work.

Listen in to this fascinating episode where Peter describes his writing process and what impact the women in his life have had on his writing. And then listen to how Joseph, whose social conscience is up, front and centre, deals with Peter’s rollicking tales.

Here is the three-minute teaser here.

Peter Stankovic - Day job used to be finance and audit. Technically ‘retired’.

Writing: Crime Fiction

Bio: I'm a crime fiction novelist. To date I have published eight novels, one by SSOA, one by Xlibris and the rest self-published. Although I became interested in telling stories when I undertook a film course in London, I didn't write much until I retired from a finance career eight years ago. Interests include film, cricket, tennis and reading. I've lived in Germany, Brisbane and London before settling in Sydney.

About the New Voices experience? I was flattered to be invited to join the radio program which is innovative and exciting.

Peter NV

[Image: Peter Stankovic]

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Joseph Furolo - Day job: Technically retired from senior executive roles.

Writing: Beta reader for Australian novels (plus a dozen other roles in NFP’s).

Bio: My literary path tracks from Peanuts to Tolkien and tramps across many genres; these days leaning towards dilettante readings around culture, philosophy, history and theology. Son of Europeans from Egypt, I am a privileged Australian fully at home in many cultures. I am fortunate to be a beta-reader for Amanda Hampson, a published Australian author, who graciously named one of her characters after me. Literary fame indeed. The creative process fascinates me as I think there is a deep connection between language, words and their enfolding cultures – a mystical interplay that creates worlds as real.

About being on New Voices? Captivated by the idea from the first moment Maria pitched it to me. I followed headlong in her wake and ended up having the best fun – listening together to creative people turning words into worlds, expanding our multiverse.


[Image: Joseph Furolo]

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