New service: Audio book production

Fri, 27 November 2020

For over 12 months we have been piloting the idea that we can create a service to produce audio books at 2RPH. We have studios, we have narrators, we love books. And no one else seems to be doing it in Australia.

Twelve months later we have decided to step up the project by exploring whether we can develop this initial success into an income stream. Most recently we have finalised two projects, both anthologies of short stories; one for the Department of Communities and Justice called Seniors Short Stories Vol 6, and the second for Omne Publishing, an anthology of stories on the theme of hope.

In the meantime we are on the look out for Audio Producers with podcast and/or audio-book experience. Do you know of someone? The work will be on a contract basis, and can be carried out remotely if the producer has their own equipment. Contact Maria Issaris at