New program: Ageing with Attitude

Fri, 28 September 2018

Colin and Teresa

We are excited to introduce a new program to the 2RPH line-up this October – Ageing with Attitude. 2RPH Administration Assistant Danielle Hanrahan spoke with the program’s producer and presenter, volunteer Teresa Plane, on what listeners can expect to hear.

What is Ageing with Attitude about?

Age is nothing. Attitude is everything. This fortnightly program explores how older age can be a satisfying and emotionally healthy time of life. Living with joy, and understanding the inter-relationship of body, mind and spirit.

How did the idea come about?

As a mid-octogenarian, I am blessed with good health and the desire to contribute to the care of others. Retiring from a lifetime of hospital administration specialising in palliative care and bereavement counselling, I became a volunteer for Montefiore  Aged Care and 2RPH.

I am hoping to entertain and empower older generations to keep weaving the tapestry of their lives with colour and joy for many years to come.

What do you hope listeners take away from the program?

Entertainment and information that is helpful to them and the feeling that the presenter cares about them. I want them to feel I am talking to them personally and whether they are living active lives, confined to their homes or living in residential aged care, they are not alone. Ageing with Attitude is just for them.

What sources do you use?

I am an avid reader of newspapers, professional journals, books and magazines, and I also search the internet for my material. I have also asked colleagues to contribute articles on their speciality that would be of interest to older people.

What do you love about 2RPH?

Firstly, I am a “rusted on listener” to certain late evening programs. I love the social contact I have with volunteers and value the friendships I have formed through working together at the station. I love helping to grow such a wonderful community service.

Ageing with Attitude starts Saturday 6th of October at 4:30pm. You can also hear Teresa on the Newcastle Herald shift on Mondays at 10am and Features Forum every second Thursday at 4pm.

Image: 2RPH volunteers Colin and Teresa at the recent mid-year celebration in Glebe. Photography by Tom Psomotragos.