New partnership: IDEAS

Wed, 8 May 2019

IDEAS Information Service

2RPH has partnered with Information on Disability & Education Awareness Services (IDEAS) to promote each organisation’s services and events across multiple platforms to people with disability (PWD).

IDEAS provides information and assistance to people who are aged; have a disability, or are disadvantaged. Many of their service users are potential listeners of 2RPH.

“Information sharing is the core activity for both organisations so a partnership is seen as an opportunity for both parties to extend their reach, and ultimately for PWD to have greater choice and control in their lives,” said 2RPH General Manager Sancha Donald.

IDEAS is committed to independent information for people within the above populations, as well as their family and friends. According to IDEAS, independent information is information that is free of bias, so people are able to access the information they need to make their own choices.

The information organisation is one of Australia’s longest established independent information providers for people with disability. We can provide information that can help in many areas of people’s lives, such as accommodation, employment, transport, respite care, recreation and sport, support groups, independent living, and support for specific types of disability. All information is checked before publication and distribution. There are no paid listings and no advertisers. There are no conflicts of interest. 

IDEAS is committed to being a trusted source that people use to get a gold standard of information. Information that is customised to the person’s access needs, that supports their decision making.

For more on IDEAS, visit the Covering Disability section on the 2RPH website here.