New initiative for volunteer professional development

Mon, 11 March 2019

Professional development

There has been an overwhelming response to the idea of providing feedback for all on-air readers, announcers and pre-recorders. As a result a program to do so has been included in the overall 2RPH Strategic Plan and will be known as the Quality and Professional Development Framework (PQPDF).

The new framework will outline the learning and development opportunities for all our readers, announcers and presenters. The purpose is to assist in fostering a culture of learning and development, and to provide a system of feedback for presenters and at the same time introduce a measure of quality control.

The (PQPDF) will be have  three levels of development:

1. All new readers will have successfully completed: an audition; a ‘sit-in’ process; face-to-face training; and an online induction before being considered for a presenting role with the station.

2. All readers, announcers and presenters will be required to attend and participate in a face-to-face professional development workshop once every two years. Workshops will be held three times per year, on a variety of days to ensure convenient times are available for all to attend. These sessions will be free i.e there will be no charge to attend.

3. All readers, announcers and presenters will be monitored periodically by a group of volunteers who will collectively provide feedback. A percentage of readers and programs will be assessed throughout each year and feedback and training provided.

The first professional development workshop will be held in April/May with the date of the first workshop to be confirmed.