Final push for ongoing funding for disability advocacy

Wed, 6 February 2019

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Join 2RPH and others in the NSW Disability Advocacy Alliance on 24 February from 11am to 12pm to show politicians and the media that disability advocacy is essential.

Here is a message from Serena Ovens, Executive Officer of the Physical Disability Council of NSW and Covener of the NSW Disability Advocacy Alliance: 

"As you know, disability advocacy is all about having a voice when things go wrong, and a champion in your corner to help things go right. Disability advocacy is an essential resource and asset - not only for people with disabilities and those who care about them, but also for good government.

And yet, the NSW Government is still refusing to commit to ongoing funding of disability advocacy in NSW, with some organisations facing closure as early as July this year. As a result of this loss, much of the work we do will fall to your organisations - we know that it’s not your core business, and you’re already at capacity too!

With the State election only a matter of weeks away, we are running out of time to secure election commitments from all sides that disability advocacy is here to stay and will be funded beyond the current period.

Our final big event before the election is a rally - Sunday 24 Feb from 11am to 1pm in Martin Place in the city. The rally will be our chance to come out in force - to show politicians and the media that disability advocacy is essential and that the people of NSW want to know that it is here to stay. The event will call on all parties to #StandByMe.

We need a big turnout of people with disabilities and allies, to make our point clear and to make the media coverage (and therefore the political impact) as powerful as possible. Can you be part of this?

We need numbers on the day, so if you can make it, please register here:

The NSW Disability Advocacy Alliance and #StandByMe campaign truly values your support in making this rally a show of strength for people with disability!"