Farewell Chris Yates

Wed, 21 August 2019

Chris Yates

It is with sadness that we say goodbye to Programs Officer Chris Yates who commenced in October 2018. Here, we have a brief chat with Chris about his next chapter.

What initially drew you to the role to work at 2RPH?

I'm a lifelong community radio enthusiast and have been working in community radio for most of my career in very different roles. I have predominantly worked in youth or music-focused stations but was very interested in learning more about how RPH stations work and operate, and I have not been disappointed!

The very real role that RPH stations play in improving the lives of those in their community of interest is incredible, and the level of commitment that volunteers and station workers have to maintaining high standards is something the entire community radio sector could learn from. I was very excited about the opportunity of working in programming, which is handled in such a different way at RPH stations than others.

What is one or two things that you will take away from your time here?

It’s astounding how much work is getting done by the very small team keeping everything going at RPH, and preparing it for the future. I haven’t even quite got my head around how everyone does it! Learning from Peter and the systems that he has created and implemented are amazing. It’s important to remember that the volunteers of a community radio station are a community within themselves, and that community here at 2RPH is healthy and strong and so supportive.

What is your reason for leaving?

I have been working quite a few part-time jobs, and was offered an increase in my hours from one of my other contracts that was too good to resist in terms of how it fits in with my young family. It will also help me to achieve that work/life balance a little better than I am now.

Any words you would like to directly say to the 2RPH team and volunteers?

I'm incredibly proud I got to be a small part of the station for a short time and look forward to contributing again in some way in the future. Every single person who contributes to making this station what it is I hope feels that same amount of pride.

It can be very strange recording a program or presenting and wondering whether anyone out there is listening, but people absolutely are, and their lives are all enriched by the amazing work people are doing here.

Professionally I have learned from everyone in the office: Sancha’s approach to governance and strategic planning is inspirational; Peter’s DIY approach to systems and constant regard for the standard of what goes to air is second to none that I have seen in the sector. Danielle’s efficiency and systems to organise everything and keep this place operating in only two days a week is so impressive, and Catherine’s engagement with volunteers and the fantastic work she does in one day a week is amazing. It’s a really fantastic team!

Everyone on the Programming Advisory Group (PAG) has been supportive and made significant contributions, and everyone who has made suggestions for programs and come at me with ideas have been so valuable, so keep coming up with those ideas and making them happen!

In very practical terms, the rostering system is something I have never seen done as well as it is done at RPH, the volunteers in that team play such a vital role in keeping those shifts filled.

Thank you for having me.