Dating and writing - snap! It's all happening on episode #16 of New Voices.

Fri, 30 October 2020

Dating and writing - snap! Episode #16 of New Voices featuring Joanna Trilivas and Wil Roach.

By Maria Issaris, 2RPH producer and presenter of New Voices

In this episode Maria Issaris interviews Joanna Trilivas - a smart, savvy writer who packs a whole story into a single page of wit and wisdom. Her delivery is deliciously deadpan and in this series of stories she targets dating and relationships. Now, Joanna to use her own words, looks like a very straight, conventional and stitched up person. Her stories? None of those words fit. She is a woman untethered.

Critiquing her is Wil Roach: poet, performative artist, author, and Lifeline counsellor. He hails from the Caribbean and is a staunch member of the Queer community. His book, ‘Gay, Black and Underage’ tracks his journey into his identity. What will he think of Joanne’s little blisters of social critique? Well, they definitely triggered Wil into making quite a few confessions. About dating, about love and about COVID. Joanna and Wil have both been substantially affected as writers by COVID. For Wil, his creative life has been restructured, but for Joanna, it allowed her to ‘look inside’. And we are all glad she did!

Listen in as Maria supports these wonderful writers to talk about their creative process, and their ambitions for their story-telling.


Joanna Trilivas

Day job: PA

Writing: A book of short tales - yet to be named.

Joanna NV

[Image: Joanna Trilivas.]

Joanna is an unconventional, creative Sydney-sider. Appearances can be deceiving, as she is outwardly conservative, yet has a questioning, curious mind. She loves travel and observing human behaviour, a habit she likely picked up in Greece where she lived for a time. She's had a long career in business administration, and is forever seeking creative outlets. A natural story teller, writing is her way of exploring, entertaining, and creating joy. After dabbling with writing, she is currently working on short, humorous stories focussing on the absurdities of dating and relationships, with a view to publishing these and sharing laughter with many readers.

Aside from writing, her other loves include: family and friends, walking, quality chocolate, yoga, a great capuccino, foods from around the world, and enjoying Sydney.

On New Voices experience: My New Voices experience was incredible; Maria was professional and friendly. Through the interview, Maria helped me explore my writing skills, with a follow up on critique by Wil Roach, who touched on details of my writing in a very positive, constructive way.


Critiquer: Wil Roach

Day job: Lifeline counsellor

Writing: Poet, performer and author

Wil Roach

[Image: Wil Roach in the studios of 2RPH.]

Wil Roach is a proud Londoner, who was born in Trinidad and now settled happily in Australia.

"The quote below from Audre Lorde's memoir, Zami sums up what speaks powerfully to me as a Queer Writer of Culture and Colour. 'I have always wanted to be both man and woman, to incorporate the strongest and richest parts of my mother and father within/into me - to share valleys and mountains upon my body the way the earth does in hills and peaks'. I am so pleased that I decided to unveil myself so that I could explore those rich parts of my parents."

My book: Black, Gay & Underage by Wil Roach was launched in January 2019

Purchase your copy at the Sydney School of Arts and Humanities

This episode of New Voices will broadcast at 5.30pm on Monday 2 November. It will be repeated on Sunday 8 November at 1.30pm. If you miss it, or previous episodes, head to the Podcasts page to catch up on previous episodes.