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Fri, 2 February 2018

Don't miss any of the Leading the Way programs this month as the program promises lots of good content. Here's what to expect in February:

Series: Discover the Power of One

Mon, February 5 (5441): Daniel’s Prayer

On the next Leading The Way, Dr. Michael Youssef takes you to a pivotal moment in the life of Daniel – and what it can show YOU today!  Make plans to listen to this inspiring account of deep and lifelong faithfulness to God!

(Daniel 9)

Tue, February 6 (5442): Standing Firm in Prayer

Today on Leading The Way, a challenge by Dr. Michael Youssef to Discover The Power of One.  You’ll see how standing firm in prayer can change your life and the lives of those around you!  Make it a point to listen to this powerful message!

(Daniel 10)

Wed, February 7 (5443): The Future Belongs to the Father

You don’t want to miss the next Leading The Way with Dr. Michael Youssef!  You’ll get insight from the life of Daniel on living an impactful, Spirit Filled life!  It’s all part of Dr. Youssef’s series, Discover The Power of One.  Make plans to join him!

(Daniel 11)

Thu, February 8 (5444): The Purpose of Angels

On the next Leading The Way . . . the life-changing conclusion to Dr. Michael Youssef’s series on the life of Daniel.  He’s an inspiring example of what it means to persevere throughout the seasons of life to . . . FINISH WELL!

(Daniel 12)

Single Message

Fri, February 9 (5445): Beware of False Gospels

Today on Leading The Way, insight into our enemy, Satan – and how he is deceiving people by getting them to believe in False Gospels - ushering people right into Hell.  It’s a message that’ll prepare you for tough discussions with family and friends!


Series: Season of the Second Coming

Mon, February 12 (5446): The Glorified Christ

Join Dr. Michael Youssef for today’s Leading The Way when he begins an eye-opening series in the sometimes-confusing book of Revelation.  You’ll gain an understanding of end times events and how to be a shining light in a dark world!

(Revelation 1)

Tue, February 13 (5447): The Seven Churches on Earth

Jesus pointedly spoke to the churches of the first century in Revelation, but these words were not just for the churches of that day, but relevant for you!  Listen to the next Leading The Way for this life changing message from God’s Word!

(Revelation 2)

Wed, February 14 (5448): The Messages of Jesus to the Churches

Today on Leading The Way, Dr. Youssef gets practical by looking at some of the warnings and encouragements given by Jesus to the seven churches.  Words that speak truth to Christians struggling to be a light in darkness in today’s world!

(Revelation 2)

Special Program: The Hidden Enemy

Thu, February 15 (5449): The Hidden Enemy

Author and radio host, Eric Metaxas, joins Dr. Michael Youssef on the next Leading The Way for a candid discussion about current threats to our world!  They’ll dig into Dr. Youssef’s brand-new book, The Hidden Enemy.  Make it a point to listen!


Fri, February 16 (5450): A Vision of Heaven

Today on Leading The Way, Dr. Michael Youssef opens to the pages of Revelation to uncover some of the mysteries about heaven!  Join him for this encouraging message, especially if you’ve recently watched a loved one move into eternity!

(Revelation 4-5)

Mon, February 19 (5451): Six Seals and Four Horses

Today on Leading The Way, Dr. Michael Youssef gives context and clarity to the visions in the book of Revelation of the worst days men will experience on earth!  It’s a message Dr. Youssef is calling Six Seals and Four Horses.  Listen in!

(Revelation 6)

Tue, February 20 (5452): God’s Halftime

Today on Leading The Way, join Dr. Youssef in the pages of Revelation so you can travel to the darkest time in earth’s future – AND experience God’s GRACE and HOPE!  Join him for this powerful message from his series, Seasons of the Second Coming!

(Revelation 7)

Wed, February 21 (5453): God’s Warning Shot

On the next Leading The Way, Dr.  Michael Youssef takes a look into the future by looking at the Apostle John’s words in the incredible book of Revelation!  It’s a powerful message he’s calling God’s Warning Shot.  Make plans to listen and be encouraged!

(Revelation 8-9)

Thu, February 22 (5454): More Warning Shots

Today on Leading The Way, a message called More Warning Shots – you’ll see how, even in Judgment, God offers opportunities for repentance!  It’s all part of Dr. Michael Youssef’s powerful series Season of the Second Coming.  Make it a point to listen!

(Revelation 10-11)

Fri, February 23 (5455): Look Out for the Beast

On the next Leading The Way . . . Dr. Youssef takes you to the pages of Revelation for a message called Look Out for the Beast.  If you’ve ever wondered about the details of the Last Days, then this message is for you!  Listen in!

(Revelation 12-13)

Mon, February 26 (5456): Reward and Judgment

Do you ever think about eternity – more specifically, heaven and hell?  Make it a point to listen to the next Leading The Way when Dr. Michael Youssef digs into the reality of Heaven and Hell directly from the pages of Revelation!  Don’t miss it!

(Revelation 14-16)

Tue, February 27 (5457): Beauty and the Beast

Today on Leading The Way, a reminder from Dr. Michael Youssef that JOY in the Christian life comes from a growing relationship with Jesus and nothing else!  It’s part of his engaging series in Revelation called Season of the Second Coming.

(Revelation 17-18)

Wed, February 28 (5458): The Final Victory

Join Dr. Michael Youssef today on Leading The Way as he continues a look into the last days of earth as seen in God’s Word.  The truth in Revelation reveal the ending of all time and encouragement for those in Christ . . . join him for The Final Victory.

(Revelation 19-20)