CBAA Awards Finalist: Peter Worthington

Fri, 25 October 2019

Peter Worthington

The 2019 Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) Community Radio Awards will be held on Saturday 26 October in Melbourne. Our amazing tech whiz Peter Worthington has been nominated for an award in the Excellence in Technical Innovation category. To celebrate, we asked Peter some questions about being nominated, which he found very uncomfortable because he doesn't like to talk about himself.

How did it feel hearing you had been announced as a finalist in the 2019 CBAA Community Radio Awards?

I didn't believe it, not knowing I had even been nominated. Then a bit stunned.

You are a bit of a technical wizard around 2RPH, what is your philosophy to things that have a problem/issue/or are broken?

I guess I'm a bit of conservationalist at heart so unless there's a good reason to just chuck something out, I'd prefer to make the effort to get it going.

Can you share your first association with 2RPH? How did you hear of the station? How did you get involved? And what year was that?

In the early 80s I used to listen to some of the Uni of NSW lecture broadcasts on, VL2UV from memory . This was off the main broadcast band. One day I was listening to something interesting and the broadcast got drowned out by this annoying reading service thing which in those days was also off the main band. Later in the 90's I'd occasionally listen to the late Dave Rose on Saturday afternoons (something like Features forum I guess). And then in 2007 I was doing an afternoon shift on another community station and met this Scottish Lassie called Maris Rae. We got into conversation and somehow I ended up here as an announcer.

What is one of your most memorable memories in your time at 2RPH?

It's all a bit of a blurr but generally a pretty positive one.

What will you do if you win?

Highly unlikely but alcohol could be involved