Audio Book Information MeetUp

Wed, 10 March 2021

One of the innovations 2RPH has recently begun developing, which we are very excited about, is an affordable, end-to-end audio book publishing service that involves the writer in the whole process. Our MeetUp on Wednesday March 10th will provide information to anyone who has a manuscript or book and is keen to turn it into an audio book. What is the process? How does an audio book differ from a podcast? How much does it cost? What is the process? How long does it take? What is an ACX standard? How do I need to adjust my manuscript to suit audio? The session will conclude with a Q&A so get your questions ready.

To date 2RPH has worked with clients to produce two volumes of Seniors Short Stories for the Department of Community and Justice, a 90,000 word anthology of new writers, two short books and several self-help manuals.  

Sign up to this Zoom information session here and a link will be sent to you.  

If you have any further questions - reach out by email - Maria Issaris