Activated Laughs

Wed, 7 April 2021

This episode Anthea chats with stand up stars Alistair Baldwin and Madeleine Stewart about the advantages of their disabilities and the healing powers of hippotherapy. They also reveal what tickles their funny bones.

"I was born with one arm," says Stewart, "though I often tell people that a shark bit it off." Stewart lives in Campbelltown and has been mentored by Adam Hills. Sometimes, however, she says that like Van Gogh, "I cut it off as a symbol of artistic expression." As for Melbourne based Alistair, he maintains that all comedy can be broken down into two categories: "Sensible Venn Diagrams and Absurd Lists."

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Together they discuss what it's really like to be disabled from birth and whether it increases your sense of humour or simply spares you the indignity of being exploited as a sex object. They also reveal what they'd like to see change in the entertainment industry.

In Access and What’s On, Hanna talks about Andi Snelling’s Adelaide Fringe show Happy Go Wrong, and ultra-accessible multi-art project Reasonable Adjustment. Anthea highlights Alistair and Madeline’s upcoming events, Wheelhouse and the Wheelhouse Online show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival with Madeline; and Growing Up Disabled in Australia, Laughing at the News and Queerstories, with Alistair as part of the Sydney Writers’ Festival.

Activated Arts goes to air every fortnight and this episode can be first heard on Friday 9th April at 2.30.

Alistair Baldwin

Madeline Stewart