Ablequest goes from strength to strength

Fri, 27 September 2019

Ablequest and Rachel   web

The calibre of 2RPH program Ablequest is a testament to its well-oiled three-person volunteer production team: Barbara Sullivan, Marni Roper and Elaine Wziontek. The three women deliver a 15-minute fortnightly program that wouldn’t sound out-of-place on the ABC or BBC.

With recent interview guests such as: renowned British visual and performance artist Rachel Gadsden, in Sydney to present a keynote at the Arts Activated 2019 Conference; artistic film director Sarah Sutherland and actor Ryan New whose short film Comicant won second place at Tropfest 2019; and Jenny Sheldon, whose incredible personal journey following a stroke was documented in her memoir I Will: A memoir of stroke, renewal and the power of song.

The Ablequest team continuously go above and beyond to research, interview and present a program that any professional broadcaster would be proud to call its own.

“Over the years Ablequest has covered a wide variety of leading initiatives and inventions designed to enable people with a disability to live a more independent life. The calibre of topics and interviewees are of such quality, making the program innovative in itself," Sancha said.

On behalf of the team, Barbara Sullivan said: "Presenting Ablequest for the past six years has been so fulfilling. We love it and have been inspired, amazed and even amused by the people we've interviewed here and across the world."

"Over that time Marni and I have noticed huge progress in the assistive technology available to make life easier. And the range of inclusive initiatives that allow everyone to enjoy cultural and recreational experiences just keeps growing. It's been terrific to have Elaine contributing her talent and energy to the program over the past year!"

To listen to some great past interviews by the Ablequest team, including one with renowned UK artist Rachel Gadsden [pictured with Ablequest presenter Barbara Sullivan], click here.